Questions to ask before Hiring a Power Washing Company



Most homeowners are familiar with pressure washing, and some of them buy or rent an at-home pressure washing unit to clean their siding or sidewalks. The trouble is, the home version is less powerful, and with less reach, than a commercial pressure washer. Even with lower-pressured home units, it’s easy to damage your property if the job isn’t handled properly. To be sure that big, difficult jobs, or even many smaller jobs, are done safely, hiring a pro service is a good call. 


All Pressure Washing Service Companies Are Not Alike 

Just like a home pressure washing system is not the same as a professional one, the equipment, years of business experience, skill levels, and procedures for professional pressure washing companies are certainly not all the same. Making sure you hire the right company to clean areas of your commercial or private property is critical to getting the job done at the right price without property damage. Here are some good questions to ask when hiring a pressure washing company:


  • Insurance and licensing –Pressure washing companies should have business licensing in their state, county, or other local jurisdiction. Be sure that the company you are working with is a legitimate business for the type of job you need. Mistakes can always happen, so make sure they carry proper insurance for their work protects you as their client in the rare instance that property is damaged.
  • What surfaces do they clean and what types of stains can they remove?  – Some services will only deal with ground surfaces. Make sure the company has processes for whatever you currently need, including fences, siding, and roofs. Additionally, all stains are not the same and require different chemicals and processes. 
  • What are their processes and types of chemicals they use?  This is particularly important to understand since some companies rely on blasting power to remove debris. Companies who understand how to use lower-pressure commercial equipment, paired with specifically the right cleaning chemicals run a much lower risk of damaging your roof, gutters, or siding. Additionally, ask about the exact chemicals they use to make sure family or property sensitivities are accommodated.
  • Experience and written guarantees  Find out how much experience the company has and make sure they will guarantee the quality of their work in writing. 

Carolina Power Wash takes pride in being your personal, local expert in pressure washing for home and business. You can be sure we care about serving you well with your biggest and most important investments of home and business.


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