gutter cleaning guide

Charlotte Area Gutter Cleaning Guide

Charlotte Area Gutter Cleaning Guide

While it’s certainly true that out of sight often does mean out of mind, your gutters are one thing you can’t safely ignore. Clogged gutters are more than an eyesore; they can present a very real risk of structural damage. Unfortunately, homeownership doesn’t come with a gutter cleaning guide, but that doesn’t mean you’re left to manage the process wholly alone.

Why Cleaning Gutters is a Vital Part of Home Maintenance

You know you need to change the filters for your HVAC system regularly and make sure all your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have batteries, but gutter cleaning can be a different story. Far above your line of sight along the eaves of your home, gutters are easy to forget about until you have a problem. The issue is that once gutters are clogged enough to be noticeable, there may already be damage to your home.

When they’re functioning as intended, gutters divert water away from sensitive areas like your home’s foundation and roofline. This prevents erosion that can lead to foundation trouble and moisture collection that can damage your roofing. Full gutters, on the other hand, encourage more than just water damage. Stuffed with leaves and other organic matter, clogged gutters and downspouts can become attractive habitats for all manner of insects, rodents and microbial activity. 

At first blush, cleaning them out can seem like a relatively simple job if you had a gutter cleaning guide. The truth is that DIY gutter cleaning can be physically demanding and risky and is definitely a team activity. One person cannot safely or effectively clean them; basic ladder safety alone requires, at minimum, one other person. Bagging the removed debris and organic matter is a team sport, too. This is all before you begin to address the downspouts, which can be even more of a challenge due to simple visibility constraints. 

Gutter Cleaning Guide to Safe and Effective Home Maintenance

Blasting out gutters and downspouts with a high-pressure water stream may seem like the fastest and most direct route to cleanliness, but there is such a thing as too much power. Gutters are designed to withstand extreme weather but not the brute force of a pressure washer. The abrasive power of a pressure washer can damage fascia and even detach gutters from the side of your home.

To avoid damage to your gutters, home and downspouts, it’s far better to remove debris by hand and follow with a lower-pressure, higher-volume water stream for rinsing. This method is more labor-intensive, but it also prevents clogs from forming inside the joints of downspouts as it’s blasted through the gutter system.

Cleaning your gutters is a demanding and risky task. It can also take far longer than you bargained for if you’re attempting to do it yourself. Investing multiple days of manual labor isn’t always the best use of your time or energy, but it’s also important to think carefully about hiring. Working with an unlicensed, uninsured neighborhood handyman might eliminate the risk of injuring yourself, but it can open you up to financial liability if they are injured.

Working with experienced and knowledgeable professionals specializing in exterior cleaning is faster, more effective, and safer for your person and your bank account. Carolina Power Wash is a fully insured, firefighter-owned company staffed by pros who take ladder safety seriously. Using a safe, effective and specialized soft-washing system instead of destructive pressure washing, they’re able to clean your gutters quickly and safely.

Don’t let neglected gutters lead to potentially expensive damages to your home. Carolina Power Wash can make quick work of this demanding job, keeping you off a ladder and off the phone with foundation and roof repair specialists.