concrete cleaning

Concrete Cleaning Can Freshen Up Your Property

Have you ever had concrete cleaning done on your property? Spring is right around the corner, which means this is the perfect time to prepare for the outdoor season. You want to enjoy your outdoor living spaces, which isn’t always easy if they’re discolored, stained and unkempt. 

Concrete is durable and relatively low-maintenance, but that doesn’t mean it’s stain-proof or totally damage-proof. Just like any other building material, it does require some special care. Specialized concrete cleaning, when executed properly, is safe for kids, pets, your landscaping and your concrete surfaces.

The Secret of Safe and Effective Concrete Cleaning

You want stains on your concrete to disappear, and you know it’s a tough surface. So, it’s not surprising so many well-intentioned homeowners and handyman services reach for the pressure washer to tackle stained concrete, but that doesn’t make it the right tool for the job. Despite its durability, concrete can be permanently damaged by the high-intensity blast of a pressure washer. 

You need a concrete cleaning system that gently but effectively removes stains. A system based on in-depth knowledge of how to treat specific stains, the right way to use the right products, and attention to detail. Soft washing is a better concrete cleaning solution across the board than using a damaging pressure washer. 

What is Soft Washing for Concrete Cleaning?

Most people are familiar with the brute force a pressure washer uses to peel away stains, dirt, debris and often the top layer of the surface being cleaned. Soft washing is pressure washing’s kinder, gentler and more efficient cousin. Rather than blasting away at concrete, potentially causing pitting, etching and other permanent damage, soft washing gets to the metaphorical roots of each stain. Rust stains, for instance, are composed of totally different elements than those left behind by motor oil or microbial growth. In addition, no two types of stain react to the same cleansing agents the same way; for this reason, there are specialized compounds designed expressly for use on specific types of concrete stain.

If pressure washing is all about brawn, soft washing is more about brains. An experienced professional knows exactly how to treat a paint stain and why you might not use the same product to remove staining left behind by decayed foliage and organic matter. 

Concrete cleaning requires a thoughtful approach since walkways, patios and driveways are all in the line of fire for a variety of stains. They’re also typically surrounded by the plant life of your lawn and garden, meaning the cleansers and surfactants used to treat them must also be safe for your shrubbery. Since stains often penetrate the surface of concrete, these cleaning agents must be powerful enough to break through deep discoloration but gentle enough to protect your lawn.

Giving Your Home Exterior the Concrete Cleaning it Deserves

Like most people, your home is your single largest and most important investment. That investment goes beyond the four inner walls of your home, and curb appeal is an important part of your property value. The last thing you want to do is use a piece of machinery capable of cutting a watermelon in half and tearing through your skin to clean the sidewalk or patio. Surface pitting and aesthetic damage isn’t the only concern; too much pressure near seams and edges can shoot under the slab itself, displacing soil and rapidly eroding the underlying ground. Over time, this instability can lead to shifting and cracks, all from a single bad pass with too much pressure through a high-speed nozzle.

Carolina Power Washing takes a different approach to concrete cleaning. With decades of collective experience behind every job, you can be sure everyone on the property knows what they’re doing and how to do it safely. You get the peace of mind that comes from knowing a job is done right without risking your safety or liability issues. Carolina Power Washing is fully insured, and firefighter owned, with safety at the forefront of every project. Ready to reclaim your concrete and boost that curb appeal? Carolina Power Washing can help.