discoloration on your roof

Discoloration on Your Roof May Have a Simple Fix: Roof Cleaning

Are unsightly blotches, streaks and patches of discoloration on your roof bringing down your curb appeal? These eyesores can be caused by several things but are part and parcel of acting as your home’s initial line of defense against the elements. Microbial activity due to lichen, algae, mold or mildew growth, stains from the decomposition of organic material and simple debris build-up can all do a number on your home’s aesthetic. Fortunately, there is a safe, effective and efficient way to get rid of it all: a thorough roof cleaning.

The Right Cleaning Method to Address Discoloration on Your Roof

While it’s common for homeowners to assume a pressure washer is the answer to all their exterior cleaning problems, this just isn’t always the case. A pressure washer can be a powerful and effective tool in the right situations but turning them on the exterior surfaces of your home is rarely the answer. In addition to blasting shingles, roofing material, fascia and gutters right off your home, a pressure washer can also cause permanent, costly-to-remove marks on siding in addition to damaging bricks and trim work. 

While a pressure washer does have the power to strip paint off shutters and shingles off your roof, it still can’t address the root cause of most discoloration on your roof. To remove stains, eliminate microbial growth and restore your roof to a like-new shine, you need a gentler cleaning method focused on expert use of cleansers, surfactants and antimicrobial products. 

This is where soft washing can be a game-changer when it comes to exterior cleaning. Soft washing kills mold, mildew, algae, and lichen while lifting and removing stains rather than relying on brute force to blast away unsightly grime. The roofing surface is cleaner, but it’s also protected against bacteria that can actively eat away at your shingles. Your investment in professional roof cleaning addresses discoloration on your roof while also keeping things that could cause very real, concrete damage to your expensive roof at bay.

Choosing the Right Roof Cleaning Method for You

Unless you’re an expert in chemicals used to clean exterior surfaces, comfortable working in precarious conditions at great heights and an ace with ladder safety, roof cleaning is not an ideal DIY project. Because this is a specialized skillset comprised of several areas of knowledge, it’s also usually not a great project for general handyman services, either. Nevertheless, your roof is an expensive part of your home and an absolutely vital one. Therefore, it should be cleaned carefully and effectively by pros who know how to bust stains without busting up your shingles and roof.

You always want to work with home care professionals who carry all the appropriate licensing and insurance, but it’s particularly important to choose carefully when ladders and roofing are involved. You want a clean roof, not to find yourself on the hook for personal injury or property damage due to unsafe, uninsured service provider or gratuitous pressure washer use.

Carolina Power Washing is a firefighter-owned company with firefighters on staff, bringing a wealth of ladder safety expertise to the table. Our team’s extensive solvent and cleanser knowledge, along with a deep understanding of the best way to approach discoloration on your roof, means you reap the benefits of enormous collective experience. As a result, your roof and any other outdoor surfaces on your property are left clean, sparkling, and wholly intact, rather than battered by a pressure washer and still dingy for all the trouble. 

Don’t let bacterial and microbial activity leave you with a streaky roof at risk of losing granules and structural integrity. Carolina Power Wash can help; no pressure washer required.