Exterior House Washing Can Make Your Home Look Like New

Exterior House Washing can Make your Home Look Like New

The housing market is tight at the moment, with historically low inventory making it difficult for even the most cash-flush buyers to purchase a new home. So, if you’re ready for a change but aren’t ready to brave the cutthroat real estate market to make a move, why not turn your space into the new home of your dreams with exterior house washing? Boosting curb appeal and making your outdoor living spaces beautiful again can go a long way toward reinventing your property, and it doesn’t have to require extensive landscaping or expensive additions. In fact, thorough exterior house washing can have an enormous impact on your property’s overall look and feel for a fraction of the price.

Why Exterior House Washing Makes Such a Difference

It’s not always easy to visualize the impact a meticulous outdoor cleaning session can have on your property. A stain here or an area of discoloration there can seem relatively mild until years of built-up debris, staining, and discoloration are removed. Every time you return home after a long day, you’ll be greeted by the cleaner, fresher, and more inviting space you have created with just a little bit of elbow grease and help from knowledgeable professionals.

A deep-clean exterior house washing session may seem like the perfect opportunity to break out your pressure washer, but it is wise to step away from the high-pressure devices. Sure, they can strip stains off a variety of surfaces, but they can also etch, pit, and permanently damage them in the process. Delicate trim work can be sheared off your home with a single over-zealous pass. Brickwork and walkways can be permanently damaged. Even vinyl siding can come out on the other side of a session with the pressure washer looking worse than before it was cleaned. 

The powdery discoloration you may notice on the surface of your siding is a naturally-occurring byproduct of the oxidation process; when this oxidation layer is disturbed by high-pressure cleaning methods, the marks left behind can be all but impossible to remove. Known as “cleaning marks,” these tell-tale signs of cleaning vinyl with a pressure washer can be time-consuming and expensive to address.

Why Some Exterior House Washing Tasks are Not DIY-Friendly

There are so many things that the average homeowner can do themselves to spruce up their property, but exterior house washing and surface cleaning aren’t typically one of them. Effectively lifting stubborn stains, removing discoloration, and tackling organic sources of grime all require expert knowledge of chemical cleansers and surfactants. When used by an experienced, knowledgeable professional, these products are safe for your home, pets, children, and landscaping. Used at the wrong concentrations or in the wrong application, however, the results are not always safe or effective. 

There is also more to cleaning the outside of your house and hard outdoor surfaces than meets the eye. A thorough job will tackle everything from the roofline down, which means lots of trips up and down ladders. Even cleaning your own gutters is, at minimum, a two-person job; ideally, both of those people will be reasonably well-versed in ladder safety. 

With exterior house washing, you can make your old house look new as easy as gently removing old stains, years of built-up discoloration, cleaning overflowing gutters, and getting your driveway sparkling again. Whether you’re sprucing up to take advantage of historically high selling prices or ready to love your own home again, boosting curb appeal is a great start. Carolina Power Washing can help you turn your tired old property into something that sparkles like brand new in no time at all.