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A Guide to Finding the Best Concrete Cleaner for Your Home

Concrete surfaces are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners because of their durability, cost-effectiveness, and environmental friendliness. Their resistance against the elements and visual appeal also makes it a top choice for those wanting to create a long-lasting without breaking the bank. 

Despite its durability, this material still needs regular upkeep to ensure its best condition and make it last longer. For this reason, you should regularly schedule professional concrete and deck cleaning and find the best cleaner.

However, it can be tricky to determine which best suits your needs, especially with the different options available. If you want to keep your concrete looking good, this article will tackle what to consider and the types of concrete cleaners. 

4 Factors to Consider When Finding a Concrete Cleaner

Before finding the best concrete cleaner for your property, you should always determine your needs. This section will enumerate four factors to consider when selecting one. 

1. Type of Stain 

Before selecting a cleaner, you must always identify the type of stain you want to remove to ensure you finish the task correctly. For instance, oil and grease stains need a degreaser to remove the grease. In contrast, rust stains require a specific rust remover. On the other hand, organic stains like mold and mildew need a cleaner with a biocide to break down the mess. 

2. Strength

When scheduling a regular concrete and deck cleaning for your concrete and brick surfaces, you must always choose a cleaner with the appropriate strength to ensure the best results. Milder cleaners can efficiently address lighter, surface-level stains. On the other hand, more stubborn stains require a more potent agent. 

3. Type of Surface

When choosing a cleaner for concrete or brick surfaces, you should always choose one specifically for that surface. This factor will help ensure the cleaner won’t damage or discolor the surface. Moreover, experts recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid potential problems. You can also consult a professional concrete and deck cleaning company to help you make the best choice. 

4. Environmental Impact

When choosing cleaning products, you must never forget how your choices affect the environment. Look for biodegradable products that don’t contain hazardous chemicals. That way, you can help protect the environment and your family.

4 Types of Concrete Cleaners 

Different types of concrete cleaners are available, and it’s always crucial to select the one that best fits your situation to ensure a productive concrete and deck cleaning session. After discussing the four essential factors, here are the four common types of concrete cleaners. 

1. Acid-Based Cleaners

Acid-based cleaners can remove surface-level stains. They break down the bonds between the mess and the surface, and manufacturers usually make them from water and muriatic acid. While they may be effective in concrete and deck cleaning, you should be extremely careful when handling these cleaners. You can also opt for low-pH cleaners for a safer and more effective alternative. 

2. Alkaline Cleaners

In contrast, alkaline cleaners can remove tough, deeply ingrained stains. They use a high pH solution to dissolve and lift the mess, breaking the bond between it and the surface. Moreover, alkaline cleaners effectively remove oil and grease stains, and professionals often use them to pre-treatment surfaces needing pressure washing. 

3. Detergents

Detergent-based cleaners are popular and eco-friendly because they can effectively remove dirt, mud, algae, and grime. They also work best for mildly-stained surfaces.

4. Solvent-Based Cleaners

Solvent-based cleaners use petroleum-based chemicals to dissolve and remove tough stains. While they work best for removing paint, graffiti, adhesives, mastic, and sealers, you should always use them carefully. 

A Cleaner and Safer Concrete

Despite minimal upkeep requirements, your concrete still needs extra care. You can keep it looking good by scheduling professional concrete and deck cleaning and selecting the right cleaner. 

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