Gutter Cleaning: Preventative Home Maintenance

So, your gutters are looking pretty full. Besides being unsightly, leaving your gutters full of debris can actually cause major issues for your home and its foundation. But what exactly is the point of a gutter? Well, they’re actually more important than you might think.

The primary purpose of a gutter is to move rainwater off of your roof and away from your home’s foundation. When there’s too much water falling around your house, it can erode the soil around it and compromise its foundation. Oh, and it can wreak total havoc on your basement, too.

When your gutters are full, they can’t do their job properly when it rains. This means that water just gushes down over the gutters and collects around your house, threatening the foundation.

What about gutter guards

Well, they might seem like a good idea, but unfortunately, they just don’t work. Basically, the debris just sits on top of the guards and it blocks the holes that the rain is meant to filter through. So, the rainwater rushes right over them. And the debris that collects on top still manages to work its way into your gutters. They’ll end up causing you more of a headache in the end because they actually need to be cleaned off more often than a gutter without a guard.

Gutter cleaning at its finest!

Investing in preventative home maintenance will save you major dollars in the long run. Trust us, you don’t want anything compromising your foundation. Those repairs are involved and expensive. Instead, just keep up with your gutter maintenance!

Our gutter cleaning package will amp up your curb appeal and protect your home from rainwater. And better yet–we take pride in our work and deliver the very best this service has to offer.

  1. We remove all of the debris by hand and dispose of it off-site. We don’t just come over, blow the debris out of your gutters, and leave the mess in your yard and flower beds.
  2. We flush the gutter channels. This removes any roof granules.
  3. We flush your downspouts with pressurized water. We do this to ensure that they are working properly and to discover if there are any clogs.
  4. We perform a visual inspection of your gutter systems and anchors. We report anything we find to you, the homeowner, so you can rest assured everything is working properly and address any issues.


Depending on the number of trees surrounding your home, we recommend booking a gutter cleaning appointment 1-2 times per year.

If your gutters could use a little love, go ahead and get on our calendar!

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