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Why Should You Have Your Gutters Professionally Cleaned?

For many homeowners, the phrase “out of sight, out of mind” applies to nothing more than gutter maintenance. Getting your gutters professionally cleaned doesn’t even come to mind. They’re high above your natural line of sight and, when they are functioning properly, do little to draw attention to themselves. These unsung heroes do a lot more of the heavy lifting than you might realize, though. Gutters are the first and most effective line of defense against moisture intrusion and erosion on your entire property. Find out why having your gutters cleaned professionally can be one of your most solid investments.

Why It Makes Sense to Have Your Gutters Professionally Cleaned

Some home maintenance tasks fall squarely in the “easy to do it yourself” category, making little financial sense to outsource. Unfortunately, gutter cleaning is not one of them. Here are a few reasons why you should have your gutters professionally cleaned.

At a minimum, safely and effectively cleaning your gutters is a two-person job. Because someone has to keep sure footing on a ladder while scooping sodden, messy and often smelly organic debris into disposal bags, it’s vital to have another on the ground to hold the ladder. 

Contrary to popular belief, it’s neither efficient nor effective to unleash the power of a pressure washer on your poor, defenseless gutters. While they are designed to withstand the forces of nature, they’re just no match for the brutal power of high pressure. They can easily be damaged, broken or even ripped away from the fascia, leaving you with an expensive and essential repair on your hands. 

The best and most effective route is clearing debris meticulously by hand, checking the condition of gutters, bolts and related hardware along the way. Once the bulky leaves, waste and potentially unpleasant organic surprises have been removed, then, it’s critical to flush out the downspouts carefully. 

Debris can often snag on joints and bends in downspouts, creating clogs that interfere with drainage and harbor pests. They’re not easy to clean on your own, and this is another area where a pressure washer can wreak havoc with your gutters. Blasting debris down the eave gutters will send it shooting into downspouts, where it easily becomes trapped in the confines of the metal. Likewise, attempting to dislodge clogs with the same pressure washer can easily blast them apart, leaving your foundation vulnerable to acute damage due to erosion. 

When you have your gutters professionally cleaned by experts who understand both the integral role a gutter system plays in protecting your home and the best way to clean them, you’re mitigating risk. In addition, pros carrying the proper licensing and insurance keep you off the hook for any bodily or property damage sustained during the process, an important thing to consider whenever ladders are involved. They’re also less likely to cause injury or property damage, as they’re knowledgeable in ladder safety and the risks of working at great heights. 

Your gutters, roof and foundation are also protected when you have your gutters professionally cleaned. The system will be cared for properly, gently removing and flushing away the accumulated seasonal detritus clogging gutters and spouts. Eliminating debris means eliminating standing moisture, which can be the ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests. Your eaves and roofing are protected, minimizing the risk of moisture incursion through these areas. Your foundation is protected against even torrential downpours, and your system is observed by an expert who can spot any potential issues before they become big problems. 

Finding Experts in Professional Gutter Cleaning

Any neighborhood repair person with a ladder can claim to clean your gutters, but are they really equipped for the job? Ideally, it would be best to work with experienced, licensed professionals who specialize in exterior home cleaning, stain and debris removal. You wouldn’t hire an HVAC technician to repair your plumbing; why should your exterior maintenance be delegated to someone specializing in something else? 

Carolina Power Washing is staffed by experts who know exactly how to care for gutters, and other home exterior features, because it’s what they do. Firefighter-owned with several firefighters on staff, they are also absolute experts in ladder safety and task management. So, you can rest assured your gutters are in good hands while you keep your own two feet safely on the ground. Their soft washing method is gentler, more effective and non-damaging, ensuring your home sparkles like new at the end of the day.