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Why and When Should You Have Your Roof Cleaned

When was the last time you had your roof cleaned? Home maintenance can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to things that are often out of sight and out of mind. As long as nothing is actively leaking or damaged, it’s easy to forget the importance of things like having your roof cleaned. A neglected roof can definitely bring your curb appeal crashing to the ground, but aesthetics aren’t the only concern. Find out why you should make sure your roof is cleaned and inspected regularly.

How Having the Roof Cleaned Protects Your Home Investment

If you’re like most people, your home is a huge investment, probably the largest you have ever made. So, naturally, you’ll want to protect that investment accordingly. You know it’s important to replace HVAC filters and smoke detector batteries, keep the lawn under control and promptly address needed repairs. However, what you may not know is just how much damage can result from failure to clean your roof surfaces.

Streaky discoloration, black splotches and other eyesores do a number on your curb appeal, but they can also be signs of impending roof damage. Microbial activity can compromise the integrity of shingles, leading to granule loss, lifting and a host of other issues. Left unchecked, an ugly roof can become a damaged roof faster than you might think.

Getting Your Roof Cleaned the Right Way

There are so many maintenance tasks the average homeowner can handle without outside help; roof cleaning, however, isn’t one of them. Unless you’re at home on a ladder and have an in-depth knowledge of home exterior cleansers, it’s just a job better left to professionals.

That doesn’t mean you should hire the nearest handyman service with a pressure washer, though. These high-powered machines are great for cleaning some surfaces and creating” satisfying” YouTube content, but they’re not the best choice for many exterior surfaces on your property. A pressure washer can etch concrete, crumble brick, demolish trim work and tear gutters right off the fascia of your home. Unleashed on a roof, they’re so effective at removing stains and signs of microbial activity that they might even take the shingles off, too. You can do more damage in less time with a pressure washer than just about anything else, especially on roofing surfaces. 

When you notice the discoloration, streaks and stains that are hallmarks of microbial activity, it’s time to have your roof cleaned. Ideally, you’ll want it done by a professional who knows what cleansers and compounds to use for gentle, effective removal of algae, mold, mildew and other microbes.

How to Know When It's Time for a Roof Cleaning

Ideally, your gutters should be cleaned twice each year: once before the leaves begin to fall for the season and once after the trees have shed their leaves. If your roof is showing visible signs of algae, mold or mildew growth, it’s a good idea to spring for roof cleaning when you have your gutters cleaned. Neither of these jobs is for the pressure washing machine, and both are better left to the pros. 

The pros at Carolina Power Washing never rely on the brute force of a high-pressure cleaning machine. Instead, they rely on decades of cumulative exterior cleaning knowledge. Firefighter-owned with current and former firefighters on staff, they also know their way around ladder safety. Fully insured and licensed, Carolina Power Washing provides the in-depth, effective cleaning your home needs and the peace of mind you need to rest assured your home is in good hands. Of course, you wouldn’t trust sizable investments in inexperienced hands in any other area of your life; why gamble with your home? Keep your curb appeal up, stress down and home sparkling; Carolina Power Washing can help.