How Much Does Power Washing Cost?

You work hard to keep your home clean and inviting on the inside; is a stained, dirty and unkempt exterior sending the wrong first impression as guests arrive? Cleaning the outside of a home is no mean feat, either. From roofing to shutters, gutters to siding, brickwork to concrete, almost every different surface requires another cleaning method. It’s a big enough job that most homeowners vastly prefer to hire professionals, but how much does the process cost?

Calculating the Cost of Power Washing Your Home or Business

Whether you’re trying to ensure you make a great first impression on guests or provide a welcoming atmosphere for customers, a clean exterior presents your property in the most flattering light. Determining the cost of power washing requires examination of several factors: 

  • overall size of the area to be cleaned
  • number of stories
  • materials to be cleaned (stucco, brick, vinyl, etc.)
  • complicating factors (accessibility, sloping lot, etc.)

Because there are so many different factors at play, most power washing professionals don’t provide set prices. Instead, they’ll often offer quotes you may wish to compare against others to get the best price. Comparing multiple quotes can be a great way of saving money, but there are things you’ll want to consider in addition to the lowest price. For the best value and the most protection, it’s essential to make sure the service provider you hire is fully insured, has a good reputation, and plenty of experience.

What to Know When Comparing Power Washing Quotes

It’s not uncommon for people to conflate “power washing” and “pressure washing,” using the terms interchangeably. The truth is, what you really need is a soft wash.

Pressure washing and power washing utilizes high-pressure sprayer equipment to essentially blast debris, organic matter, stains, and unsightly microbial growth off hard surfaces. This method can permanently damage many materials, including vinyl siding, brickwork, and decorative trim.

Soft washing, on the other hand, entails using low pressure, safer spray. Carefully selected cleaning agents do all the work, with gentle rinsing to reveal sparkling clean surfaces. 

When we provide a quote for soft washing, our Project Estimator comes to examine your home, listen to your concerns and make suggestions for the most straightforward and most direct path to a clean exterior. Once the evaluation is complete, we email a full proposal outlining the services we believe provide the greatest impact and best value for your home. 

We’ve been cleaning York County since 2008, with more than 5,000 successful projects under our belts. As the highest-rated power washing company in the area, we can help you keep your home clean, beautiful, and in good repair year-round.