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How Often Should I Get My Gutters Cleaned?

Chances are, you don’t spend a lot of time on a ladder, checking in on the state of your gutters. Far above your line of sight, gutters tend to be one of those things homeowners forget about until there’s a problem. Unfortunately, noticeable gutter damage can also mean problems with your roof, fascia and foundation. When you have your gutters cleaned, you’re doing more than clearing out unsightly debris. You’re also protecting your home from moisture incursion, pest activity and a host of other issues.

Why It's Important to Have Your Gutters Cleaned

There are plenty of tasks a handy homeowner can take on alone without much fuss; the process of cleaning gutters is not one of them. At a minimum, the job requires two people: one to steady the ladder and hold the bag for debris dumping, and one to scale the roof to remove all that built-up gunk by hand. Fumbling around with heavy handfuls of unpleasant organic material can be an absolute recipe for disaster, even if you’re not particularly afraid of heights. The only thing worse than taking a tumble off your roof is taking that tumble while also managing to tear the gutters you’re grasping down with you. 

Inside your gutters are a malodorous and unsightly mix of fallen leaves, pollen, sticks and assorted debris. Because all this debris creates an ideal habitat for rodents, you’re likely also to find a few furry buddies, their nests and perhaps a fallen rodent or two, as well. Stirring up the mold spores and microbes living inside this slowly decomposing ecosystem hosted by your gutters can also wreak absolute havoc with existing sinus or allergy issues. 

It’s particularly important you don’t look for shortcuts that can actually lead to long, drawn-out issues, too. For example, it’s definitely tempting to unleash the full force of a mighty pressure washer against the crud in your gutters, but this tactic is almost guaranteed to backfire. Forcefully blasting debris down the gutters means most will land on the ground and landscaping immediately surrounding your house, where it smells and looks terrible.

Even worse, the sheer force of pressurized water can send sticks, leaf clumps, nests and other debris flying into the downspouts, where they become lodged and create a blockage. No matter how clean the gutters along the side of your house (assuming they’re not ripped from the very fascia by the brute force of a pressure washer), your system cannot function properly with clogged downspouts.

A Better, Safer and More Effective Way to Have Your Gutters Cleaned

Ideally, you should shoot for having gutters cleaned twice per year: once before the leaves begin to lose their leaves and once after the limbs are bare. This ensures a clean slate for the falling leaves of autumn, then clears the decks for the odd tree limb or intruder to take up residence until just before autumn next year.

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Ready to take back your gutters to protect your roof from leaks and animal activity while protecting your foundation from erosion? Carolina Power Washing can help! Inspection is part of every gutter cleaning job, so you’ll also be able to walk away from the experience fully aware of any potential issues brewing with your gutter system or roof before they become expensive fixes. Learn more about Carolina Power Washing’s cleaning services for gutters and roofing.