Is Power Washing Safe For your Home

When you get visitors, what forms their first impression? It’s the outside of your home. They drive or walk up and besides your driveway and landscaping, it’s your home’s exterior. You want it to look its best, but you don’t want to risk damaging one of your biggest investments. How about power washing? It seems everyone’s doing it. Is it safe?

Power Washer Safety

A power washer is a formidable piece of equipment, and in the wrong hands, e.g. someone inexperienced, it can cause a lot of damage; even to the operator, much less the surface it’s aimed at. Consumer Reports lists all sorts of warnings and precautions for inexperienced pressure washer users. Unless you want to take the time for an extended learning curve and risk accidents to your person and your siding, it’s best left to a professional with years of experience. 

Is Your Siding a Good Candidate for a Power Wash?

Different siding materials require different treatment in a power wash. The folks at Consumer Reports have the following recommendations:

  • Vinyl siding can usually be power washed because it is pliable enough to stand up to the pressure without too much worry. 
  • Fiber cement can also stand up pretty well to a power wash. 
  • Aluminum siding will take more finesse, because it can dent, but it can be done with the right know-how.
  • Wood clapboard siding can also stand up to pressure washing. The caution with this siding is if the house was built before 1978, they recommend having a specialist who is EPA-licensed in lead remediation to test the exterior paint for lead. If old lead-based paint comes loose from your siding, it will not break down in your soil, because it’s a heavy metal.
  • Shingle siding is the most problematic, because pressure washing can loosen the shingles. This would be best discussed with your professional power washing company representative. It might still be doable, but there may be other options.

What Else Can Go Wrong?

If an inexperienced operator pressure washes your home’s siding, they could push water under the siding, where it could do extensive damage. An experienced power washer operator knows how to take care not to force water into crevices around lap joints, doors, and windows. 

Who Can You Trust?

The professionals at Carolina Power Washing have the equipment and expertise to do justice to your home’s exterior. We are licensed, insured, and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. At Google, 130+ reviews give us a 5-star rating. You can put your trust in our professionalism. If you would like to call us with any questions or concerns, we can be reached at (704) 650-2854, or you can reach out to us here. We’d be happy to give you a free estimate.

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