Home ready for Fall Maintenance List

Is Your Fall Maintenance List Ready?

Changing seasons bring changing weather conditions, which means different challenges when it comes to keeping your home’s exterior clean and tidy. As the dog days of summer come to a close and crisp air moves in, it’s important to be prepared for yearly maintenance tasks best suited for autumn. So, is your fall maintenance list ready to go for this year, or are you not quite sure where to even begin? 

Why Your Fall Maintenance List Matters for Your Home

You want to keep your home’s exterior looking clean and your curb appeal high, but there’s more to outdoor maintenance than meets the eye. Cleaning not only keeps unsightly dirt and grime at bay; it can also be a vital part of protecting structural integrity.

Clogged gutters are a great example of a fall maintenance list item that is often overlooked due to the stress and headache of completing the task. However, this is one of the worst items to leave off your seasonal to-do list. Gutters perform a very real and important task: diverting moisture from your home. Moisture damage can look like a leaking roof, damaged fascia, or even foundation damage due to erosion. 

It’s best to clean your gutters early in the season, before leaves begin to fall, and again after the trees have shed their bounty for the season. This serves dual purposes, as it keeps your gutters from harboring moisture throughout the season while also making them less appealing to rodents. Mice, rodents, microbial growth, insects, and other pests are all invited into the decaying bed of organic matter within full gutters. Cold weather can also drive those rodents into your attic as the season progresses.

Unlike the summer months, when your household is spending time outdoors, it can also be hard to spot potential problem areas developing. This is especially true for your roof, as it’s above the line of sight, so issues can slip by unnoticed until they become major concerns. 

Your roof is literally your home’s first line of defense against things falling from above, from leaves and rain to bird droppings and sleet. Unfortunately, it’s also expensive to repair or replace, so you want to get the longest life possible from your existing one. In addition, autumn leaves coat roof surfaces with mold spores, which can damage the shingles and lead to respiratory problems for people living in the home. 

Protecting Your Home and Your Curb Appeal from the Elements

You want your home to look its best and feel its coziest, especially during autumn and winter. Before the weather gets too cool for comfort, it can be tempting to finish that fall maintenance list and whip out the pressure washer to knock out cleaning tasks. While it may seem like the quickest route to a clean and protected home, it can actually be the fastest path to severe damage. Pressure washers send jets of water capable of stripping paint from wood and damaging brick surfaces, hurtling toward your largest investment, and blasting everything in its path. Soft washing methods can take longer to complete, but they’re far safer and more thorough than the brute force of a pressure washer.

Soft washing relies not on muscle but on expert know-how and the use of specially formulated cleansers and surfactants for the job. In experienced hands, these products can restore everything from shingles to concrete and anything in between to sparkling conditions without damaging landscaping or posing a health risk. 

Ready to take your fall maintenance list under control once and for all? Carolina Power Washing can help, bringing years of collective experience to each and every project.