Keeping your Storefront Spectacular

What message does your storefront relay about your business? Image is important and if you have a rusty sign, stained awnings, or a dirty sidewalk, you may be losing potential customers. Whether you own a small mom-and-pop store or a large retail outlet, projecting a clean, professional place of business is vital. Keep your storefront spectacular and your brand image sparkling with routine power washing services.


Siding, Sidewalks, and Steps

The entrance to your business is your invitation to customers to come in. If your siding is streaked with stains and the sidewalk and steps leading to your front door are filthy, many customers may keep walking. These exterior surfaces will become dirty and need routine cleaning. Power washing can remove the dirt and debris, revealing a clean, inviting entrance to your business.


Ugly Awnings

Awnings protect windows and doors, but they are prone to algae and stains. A thorough cleaning with power washing annually or biannually can keep algae, mildew, and mold away to protect your awnings. This will make them last longer and portray a cleaner image for your business.


Parking Lots

Your parking lot is the first space many customers will see. If it is littered with garbage, leaves, or debris, it can impact a customer’s first impression of your company. Power washing on a routine basis can remove oils, dirt, and debris that clutter your parking lot and can damage the pavement.


Choosing a Quality Power Washing Company

To keep your storefront maintained, you want a power washing company that respects your business and has the right skills for the job. At Carolina Power Washing, we use specialized equipment and cleaners to soft-wash surfaces, leaving them clean and undamaged. If you need your business’ siding, roofs, gutters, signs, or pavement cleaned, you can trust our team to do the job right. We offer maintenance and one-time cleaning services to make your business sparkle.

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