Power Wash to Sell your Home

When it comes time to sell your home, a beautiful exterior is a key selling point.  A well maintained exterior gives a positive first impression to a potential buyer and can mean the difference between a quick and slow sale.  An attractive property may also result in a higher sale price as the potential buyer will initially notice the fresher look to your property from the outset.

To keep your exterior sales-ready a good power wash can address.

Driveway cleaning – A big bang for your buck is with our concrete cleaning service.  With the use of our specifically designed concrete cleaning machine organic staining from leaves, pine needles and general dirt will be long gone!  We also have specific stain treatment service to help improve rust stains and oil stains. This will leave your driveway looking brand new!

Woodwork – Decking and wooden porches can suffer under the elements. Power washing can remove layers of accumulated dirt and grime giving wooden features a new, sparkling clean look that buyers want. We take care to use the right detergents and pressures to get your wooden decks and porches clean without damaging them.

Siding – Vinyl, fiber-cement board, stucco – no matter what type of siding your home has, a power wash can help it look newer. Siding covers the largest visual area of your home and when it looks dirty your home gives a poor first impression.

Brickwork – Brickwork can also look dingy after years of neglect, but with our low pressure soft washing, it can be a highlight of the entire property. Restore your brickwork to a like-new look with soft washing to prepare your house for sale.

Giving a great first impression to a potential buyer is a must when selling your home. Remove years of dirt and grime on your home’s exterior with a safe, affordable and thorough power washing of your property – giving your home an instant facelift and making a stellar first impression. Carolina Power Washing is the trusted resource for cleaning the exterior of your property. Contact us to get a free pre-sale power washing quote today.

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