How to Prepare the Home Before Power Washing Services

Brick Patio Ready for Power Washing Services

Are you considering power washing services for your home? Power washing is a great way to remove dirt, grime, and other unwanted materials from your home’s exterior surfaces. However, if you don’t do prep work in advance, it can cause damage or delays with the job itself! 

If you’re going to have a professional come and do the work, there are a few things that need attention before getting power washed so that everything goes smoothly from start to finish.

Follow These Tips to Prepare Your Home For Power Washing Services:

  1. Remove all loose items from the area that is going to be power washed. This includes things like patio furniture, potted plants, grills, flags, doormats, lawn decorations, etc. Anything that is not securely attached should be removed so that it doesn’t get damaged during the process. 
  2. When you’re preparing for power washing services, make sure to close and lock all windows and doors. This will keep any extra water from coming into your home where it doesn’t belong, and help to avoid water damage.
  3. Switch off any outside breakers. If there is any live electrical or exposed wiring, power washing services cannot continue as it is a danger to operators. 
  4. Make sure to move all parked vehicles in the area where power washing services will be completed. This will prevent your car from being damaged during power washing. 
  5. Provide a clear access to hose bibs and ensure water is turned on. Don’t forget to turn off any outdoor sprinklers or irrigation systems before power washing services start! A flood or excessive water on your lawn can damage it greatly, and nobody wants that.
  6. Make plans for your pets and children to be out of the area while work is being done. The equipment or chemicals used in the process can be dangerous, and you do not want them to get injured.
What Are the Benefits of Power Washing Services?

How can you benefit from power washing services now that you know how to properly prepare yourself, your family, and your home?

  • Power washing is a great way to maintain the value of your home. For your property to maintain its value, it’s best to keep up with power washing services regularly. Cleaning the outside of your home is equally important as cleaning the inside.
  • Power washing services are a great way to maintain your health. Bacteria, algae, mold, mildew, and other substances grow on the surfaces of your home. Exposure to these substances can adversely affect those who are regularly exposed to them if they are allowed to remain.
  • Don’t let dirt and grime buildup cause you costly repairs down the road. You can reduce the likelihood of repairing your roof, siding, gutter, concrete, or patio by simply investing in power washing services. Animal infestations, rotting, and deterioration won’t be a possibility with regular upkeep!
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By following these simple steps, you can ensure the process goes safely for your family, your home, and your specialists. At Carolina Power Washing we offer free estimates on all power washing services! Contact us today to get started.