prepare your patio

Prepare Your Patio for Spring and Summer

‘Tis the season for spring cleaning, and that doesn’t just mean your indoor spaces- Prepare Your Patio! With warmer weather and longer days comes the opportunity to truly enjoy your outdoor living areas. Before you can enjoy them, though, they’ll probably need to be cleaned and cleared of last year’s funk. With a little bit of planning, you can turn all your outdoor spaces into a haven fit for royalty through the warmer months.

  • Clear the Clutter – The first step to making over any space is to clear away accumulated clutter. Patios and porches are notorious for gathering a random assortment of objects, especially during the winter season when they’re not in frequent use so make sure to prepare your patio to be able to enjoy it. Before you can get down to the dirty work, you need a blank canvas. Remove everything that’s not nailed down to prepare for cleaning, and only replace things that legitimately belong on the porch or patio when you’re finished.
  • Attack Stains and Discoloration – Whether you’re dealing with porches and decks made of wood or concrete patios, both can be a magnet for stains and discoloration. Mold, mildew, and other microbial growth can leave unsightly streaks and patches, and stubborn stains can mar both surfaces. Think twice before you reach for a pressure washer, though. These machines are powerful enough to remove stains, peeling paint off your deck, or permanently etching the surface of the concrete in the process. Soft washing, on the other hand, can restore your patio, deck, or porch through expert use of the proper solvents, detergents, and surfactants instead of sheer force.
  • Freshen Up the Decor – Umbrellas, rugs, and furniture cushions are a great way to update the look of your patio for the summer season without springing for all new furniture. Replacing your outdoor textiles gives your deck or patio a high-impact update at a relatively low cost.
  • Bring Some Life to Your Patio – Plant life, that is! Prepare your patio with potted plants and flowers. This can add bright splashes of color without landscaping and flowerbeds’ ongoing labor investment requirements. Opt for low-maintenance plants appropriate to your agricultural zone, so you don’t have to worry about protective care throughout the season.
  • Shed Some Light on the Subject – Summer means long days and warm nights; why would you only want to enjoy your patio before sunset? New lighting can be as elaborate as the installation of specialized fixtures or as simple as introducing a few solar-powered lanterns for a soft glow after dark. With a bit of attention to lighting, you can prepare your patio to extend your enjoyment of the great outdoors deep into the night. 
  • Add Some Shine to Your Sidewalks – Neglecting sidewalks and pathways around your outdoor living spaces can dull the impact of your efforts, but it can also present a safety hazard too. Lichen and algae growth on concrete and aggregate sidewalks can become incredibly slippery; the last thing you want is a fall on the way to your freshly updated patio. Soft washing walkways can help mitigate falling risks while restoring your property to like-new splendor.

Spring cleaning your patio, deck, and porch areas can significantly improve livability and curb appeal, making your property safer and more inviting. If you’re ready to take back your patio, Carolina Power Wash can help with the dirty work. Professional cleaning can make an enormous difference, from erasing the evidence of microbial activity on wooden decking and porches to eliminating even the most stubborn concrete stains. Expert knowledge of cleaning compounds leaves all your exterior spaces clean and fresh, with no risk to plant life, pets, or children. Call today to learn more about the damage-free, high-impact cleaning your outdoor spaces need to truly shine this summer.