Restaurant Maintenance with a Power Washing Company

So, you’re an awesome restaurateur. We can bet that you keep your dining room and kitchen immaculate, and you’ve got a high sanitation score. Of course you do! Because customers notice those things! But what if you’re neglecting something that could be costing you business?

Before you say no way, not possible answer this…

When was the last time you took notice of the sidewalk at your entrance? What about your patio space? Sure, the tables and chairs are probably clean–but what about the actual exterior of your building?

Nail your first impression

Before a customer ever steps foot inside your restaurant, they’re already formulating their first impression. In fact, you actually have to get them inside before you can wow them with your master cooking skills and spotless dining room. But if your entryway is stained and the exterior of your building needs some love–you could be turning them away without even realizing it.

It’s no secret that customers pay very close attention to how a restaurant presents itself. People are holding on tight to their dollar bills these days, and if something doesn’t impress them, they aren’t buying. You’ve got a lot going on, so you may not have even noticed how filthy your high traffic areas can get simply from the dirt and grease tracked in and out from the bottoms of shoes. But we can assure you that your customers notice.

Instead of frantically booking a power washing company to come out in the eleventh hour to remove the grime, get on a preventative maintenance schedule! This way, you keep the exterior of your building as immaculate as the interior. Even if your front entrance technically falls under the shopping center’s responsibility, it’s worth it to take your reputation into your own hands. Don’t leave your first impression up to someone else.

Impress your al fresco diners

You know outdoor diners tend to linger. They’ll order cocktail after cocktail and share stories with their friends for hours. But nothing will turn a customer off their mojito like dirty concrete and cobwebbed corners.

Keeping your patio clean is just as important as the interior of your restaurant. And patrons definitely notice if things are left neglected. Keep your customers coming back for more by maintaining a clean exterior!

Wait, dirty concrete can actually be a safety concern?

Besides being unsightly, the grime on the concrete can actually be a safety issue. Here’s the deal. It’s not just dirt. Servers and employees are in and out of the kitchen. They then track grease out into the dining room, which then gets on the shoes of your customers. Every single person who walks in and out of your restaurant deposits the grease into your high traffic areas. That grease then sinks into your concrete. If it gets wet, it becomes very slippery.

The last thing you want is for someone to get hurt.

Keep it clean!

While we can work some serious magic on your high traffic areas, returning them to their original glory is a little tricky. We highly recommend getting on a regular maintenance schedule with a power washing company right from the start. Keeping concrete clean is much more effective than trying to remove months, maybe even years worth of grime. We always go the extra mile to make sure your restaurant looks as good as possible.

Take pride in how you showcase your restaurant. Keep your entryway, exit, patios, building exterior, and dumpster pads looking brand new. And keep those customers coming back for more!

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