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Why Roof and Gutter Cleaning Should Be Part of Your Fall Maintenance

Cooler breezes are moving in, with sweater weather rapidly approaching. Before you reach for the pumpkin spice and all things autumnal, though, have you taken care of your seasonal fall maintenance tasks, specifically roof and gutter cleaning? If you’re like most people, your home is your biggest investment. Taking care of outdoor home maintenance not only boosts your curb appeal; it also keeps everything in good repair and functioning properly. Roof and gutter cleaning are high-priority tasks that often go forgotten; here’s why you should make sure they get your full attention this year.

Neglecting Roof and Gutter Cleaning Can Lead to Structural Woes

The last thing any homeowner wants is to deal with expensive and potentially catastrophic structural damage. One of your best lines of defense may surprise you, though. Far above your foundation, a functioning gutter system helps divert water away from the foundation to prevent erosion and damage. When those gutters become filled with fallen leaves and sticks, detritus from nesting animals who have taken up residence and a host of other organic matter, they’re no longer able to protect the foundation. Water pools up inside the gutters, trapped by debris and slowly rotting organic waste. Rainfall cannot make its way through the system to exit through the downspouts (which can also become clogged with relative ease.)

The end result is very heavy gutters with the potential to simply rip away the fascia to which they are anchored while slowly leaching moisture into the eaves and areas surrounding your roof. Before you know it, these moisture intrusions can add up significantly. 

Routine roof and gutter cleaning ensure rainfall flows along the optimal path to protect your foundation and eaves and keep unwanted critter visitors from setting up camp. As a result, your home is better protected against the elements and less inviting to rodents, insects and other wildlife. When seasoned experts provide these services, these cleanings can also give you a heads up about any potential trouble spots you should address before they become expensive issues. You’re able to keep an eye on your roofing without risking life and limb on a ladder to accomplish the task.

Why Who Does Your Roof and Gutter Cleaning Also Matters

Anyone with a pressure washer can advertise their home exterior, roof and gutter cleaning services. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re up to the task, though. For starters, using high-pressure water jets to clean out gutters typically increases the likelihood of creating new clogs down the line in downspout joints and bends. The sheer force of a pressure washer is also far more than any gutter system is meant to withstand; it is not uncommon for gutters to be detached completely from the fascia holding them to the house by a pressure washer.

At Carolina Power Washing, home exterior cleaning is what we do. Unlike the neighborhood handyman, our crews are experienced and fully insured to protect all involved parties. Because we’re a firefighter-owned company that also employs several off-duty firefighters, ladder safety is second nature. So rather than shearing the gutters right off the side of your home and blasting paint off the fascia and trim in the process, we employ gentler, more effective methods. 

All debris is removed and bagged by hand, preventing a soggy, smelly mess from lingering around the perimeter of your home. Next, downspouts are meticulously checked for any signs of clogging or damage, and then the entire gutter system is flushed out with higher volumes of water under lower pressure. Along the way, we will inspect your roof, gutters, downspouts and other hard-to-see areas of your home to let you know if there’s the potential for trouble ahead. 

Don’t let another autumn fill your gutters to the brim. Carolina Power Wash can help.