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5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Soft Wash Process to Clean Your Home

Why choose a soft wash process for your home? No matter how clean and neat your home is on the inside, an unkempt and messy exterior is still the first impression people have when they visit. Tackling the buildup of dirt, debris, and organic material on your home itself, your patios, and your walkways can have a dramatic impact on your curb appeal. When it comes down to the dirty work, though, it’s not always easy to know which cleaning method is best. Here are five reasons why you might want to think twice before reaching for the pressure washer and use a soft wash process instead. 

1. Brains Over Brawn

Brute force isn’t always the appropriate response, especially when it comes to maintaining your home’s exterior. Pressure washing relies on sheer force to blast away dirt and debris, but this approach can often introduce more problems than it solves. Soft washing is a very low-pressure, gentle cleaning process that relies on the trained technician’s knowledge of cleansers, solvents and stain removers instead.

2. Heeding the Experts

Recommended cleaning guidelines directly from the manufacturers of home and building supplies almost universally favor soft washing, often warning explicitly against the use of pressure washing machines. These guidelines exist to help you get the longest life out of your siding, trim work, patios, porches and walkways. 

3. Dodging Damage

You want your home clean and sparkling, not damaged and worn. You’d never deliberately choose to diminish the value of what is likely your most significant investment: your home. Unfortunately, that’s often precisely what you’re doing when you unleash the blistering power of a counterproductive pressure washer on your home’s exterior surfaces instead of using a soft wash process.

A pressure washer can strip the paint right off a wooden porch or fence, etch concrete surfaces and permanently damage vinyl siding. The last thing you want is to cause that type of damage with a pressure washer, the use of which automatically voids many manufacturer’s warranties. Not only are you left with expensive, unsightly damage; it’s also damage that your warranty will not cover.  

4. Safety First

The soft wash process is an all-around safer process than pressure washing. Your home, lawn, and gardens are safe from the obliterating power of high-speed water jets, and so are your family and our staff. There’s little use in a cleaning method that increases the risk of both physical injuries to people on your property and damage to the very surfaces you’re trying to revitalize. 

5. More Bang for Your Buck

If you were offered a choice between damaging your home in the process of providing a short-term clean or a safer system with longer-lasting results, you’d choose the latter. This is essentially the decision you face when comparing pressure washing to the soft wash process. Because soft washing attacks the most common causes of discoloration, organic growth, and staining at the source, it lasts longer and looks better than a pressure-washing cleaning.

In addition, microbial growth is stopped in its tracks, significantly delaying the reappearance of things like algae, mold, and mildew. Killing these microbes can also help prevent them from making their way inside the house, potentially causing air-quality issues and health hazards.

Ready to take back your home from the microbes, stains, and dirt Mother Nature slings its way? Carolina Power Wash can help. Firefighter owned with several current and former firefighters on staff, they keep the safety of your property, your family, and everyone working first and foremost.

In addition, expansive knowledge about cleaning processes and cleanser use means they’re approaching home washing from a more holistic perspective. There’s no singular cause of dirt and grime; it’s a combination of multiple unique factors. For example, algae and tree sap are different types of stains; they shouldn’t be treated the same way. Carolina Power Wash brings crucial product and safety knowledge to the table every time, providing a safer, better-looking, and longer-lasting boost to your curb appeal.