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Is “Soft Wash Your Home Exterior” on Your Spring Checklist?

The drab and dreary days of winter have passed, but they have a way of leaving their mark on your home exterior and outdoor living spaces. So, when you are putting together your spring-cleaning list, there’s a good reason you should consider adding a soft wash session for your home’s exterior surfaces.

The Benefits of Soft Wash Exterior Cleaning in Springtime

During the dormant winter months, it may seem like nothing is growing, but spring’s sunny light shows the signs of the season past all over the outdoors. Staining and discoloration from forgotten leaves that rotted in place, microbial growth and organic activity can leave streaks on your roof, siding and shutters. Lichen and algae are an eyesore that can also be a slipping hazard when they take root on the surface of aggregate driveways. You know cleaning up the outside is almost as important as cleaning up the inside when you’re doing the springtime clean sweep, but did you know that how you choose to go about that task is important? 

At first blush, stains and organic growth on hard surfaces outdoors may seem like jobs for the pressure washer, but a high-powered solution can lead to high-powered problems. Pressure washers produce brutal force, blasting the surface of whatever it touches without mercy. Stains and discoloration are often removed, but so too are paint, gutters, and trim work. With even a slight miscalculation or tiny error, a pressure washer can permanently scribe the surface of concrete walkways, driveways, and patios. In addition, it can destroy the mortar between brickwork pathways, creating expensive headaches. 

What about the microbial growth streaking across your rooftop or the chalky discoloration on your vinyl siding, though? Surely those are built to withstand a vigorous cleaning, right? Actually, this isn’t the case at all. Cleaning your roof with a pressure washer is a quick route to detached shingles and damaged fascia. Turn a pressure washer on discolored vinyl siding, and you’ll quickly learn it disturbs the natural oxidation process in a way that leaves near-permanent “clean marks.” They are expensive, difficult to remove and can be avoided entirely with soft wash methods. 

Unless you’re comfortable running the risk of wreaking permanent havoc on everything from brick walls to dirty but structurally sound roofing, it is best to consider a brain over brawn approach to exterior cleaning. This is where soft wash systems shine, just like your outdoor surfaces after a good cleaning.

What is the Soft Wash System for Home Exterior Cleaning?

If pressure washers bring brute force to the table, soft wash systems bring careful work and expert chemical knowledge. This system is based not on blasting stains away, even if it means leaving permanent marks in its wake. Instead, it is based on applying the right cleansing agents and surfactants to every type of stain and how to use them to keep your children, pets, and landscaping safe along the way. 

If you are ready to send your curb appeal soaring just in time for the first spring blossoms, now is the time to get to work. Carolina Power Washing is a firefighter-owned, and family-operated business focused on safely, gently and effectively cleaning outdoor surfaces. From stained driveways to lichen-streaked walls and everything in between, the skilled and knowledgeable staff can tackle anything without turning to the damaging force of a pressure washer. 

Don’t let your home’s exterior bring down your curb appeal and your quality of life in outdoor living spaces. Carolina Power Washing can breathe new life into your property as the last traces of winter fade into the fresh spring air.