Why It’ll Cost You More to Hire the Cheap Guys

The time has come. You can’t ignore the grime on the side of your house any longer. And that HOA letter was the final nail in the coffin. You need to hire a power washing company. So you run a quick google search and pick the company that’s the cheapest. After all, you just need the job done as quick and cheap as possible. We get it. But what if we told you that picking the cheaper guy may cost you in the end?

Here’s the thing, when you hire a company based on price alone, you’re taking a pretty big risk. Instead, you should do your research to make sure you’re getting the best value to avoid spending more money after all is said and done.

When you hire the cheap guys…

You’re unlikely to get high quality service from beginning to end.

The cheap option tends to be a guy with a handwritten sign and his dad’s pressure washer. Communication is certainly not high on his list of priorities, and you may not even be convinced that he’ll show up for your appointment.

When you hire the professionals (like us!), you can count on excellent customer service and top notch business practices. We make sure to schedule you for the proper service that resolves your issues, give you tips on how to prepare for your appointment, and follow up with you afterwards.

They’re likely inexperienced.

Chances are, if their prices are that cheap, they’re just starting out and don’t know any better yet. You’re simply paying for a man with a wand. The problem with inexperience is you’re hiring a person who may be unaware of how to properly deliver the best results. You may find that once everything dries, things don’t look as good as you hoped. Or worse, they may not be well informed of things that could damage your home or put you, your family, and themselves in danger.

When you hire the professionals, you’re not just paying for the service but for their expertise. We take pride in our knowledge of the industry and the quality of service we provide. We make a point to stay well informed and educated on how to best take care of your property.

They’re probably not insured.

This may not seem like an issue until something unfortunately gets damaged. Or worse, someone gets hurt. What’s the cheap guy going to do then?

Any reputable, professional company will be insured. And we are. It’s important to us to protect not just our team, but your valued property as well.

They may flake out on you.

You did have that uneasy feeling while booking your appointment. You couldn’t really hear the guy as he shouted over… what kind of sounded like a baseball announcer in the background? Chances are, he didn’t have his appointment book out and he forgot. Or worse, you’ll have someone showing up at your door at some unknown hour because he got the date/time wrong. You don’t have time for that kind of nonsense.

The professionals keep things a little more together. We send out an email shortly before your scheduled appointment with a reminder and tips on how to prepare for your service.

You may get nickel and dimed.

Sure, their sign may have said $99, but if your house is two stories, that’ll cost extra. Want your porch done? Add another $20. Oh, you didn’t mention you had a deck, that’ll be an extra $50. Before you know it, you’re paying more for the cheap guy than you would the professionals!

Our professional pricing is inclusive. We quote you based on the exact service you need, including everything that entails. There are no hidden fees or sudden increases.

You’ll end up back at square one hiring a more legitimate company that provides a better value.

Whether the cheap guy flaked on you, didn’t do a thorough job, or ended up damaging your property, you’re back where you started. And this time, you seek out a professional. Someone reliable, who you can trust, and who takes pride in their business. So you end up paying for the cheap guy and the professional. Now, doesn’t that seem a little silly?

Avoid the frustration and do yourself a favor. Hire the professionals from the start.
Need a power wash? We happen to know a great, professional company!