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Why You Should Trust Your Gutters and Roof with the #1 Reviewed Power Washing Company

Have you hired the #1 reviewed power washing company for your home? If you’re like most Americans, your home is your single largest investment. So naturally, you want to protect it and keep it looking its best, which can sometimes feel like a full-time job on its own. Clogged gutters are more than an eyesore bringing down your curb appeal, though. They can easily lead to very real and very costly structural problems. Find out why you want to make sure these vital parts of your home are cleaned and protected by the #1 reviewed power washing company in and around Charlotte, NC.

Why Cleaning Gutters and Roofing is Important

Your gutter system plays a vital role in protecting not just the roof of your home but also the foundation itself. Properly installed and maintained gutters collect water and divert it away from the footings of your home, preventing erosion and the potential for a vast array of foundation issues. Free-flowing gutters also ensure moisture is not collecting near eaves and roofing, where microbial growth can flourish unchecked and largely unseen. 

Ideally, your gutters should be cleaned twice per year: once before the leaves begin to fall in late summer and after everything has finished in the early winter. This ensures a clear path for those heavy spring rains, but twice-a-year gutter cleaning can be taxing for the solo homeowner. Working alone or even with a partner means you’re facing a long, time-consuming and physically taxing task, all while risking your physical safety at substantial heights.

Gutter guards can seem like a great solution, but they can actually create a greater risk of damage to your roofing and foundation. Wet leaves fall over these gutters, forming a surprisingly tight seal, preventing rainwater from entering the gutters at all. Instead, water flows over the top of the gutter guards and down either side; the soil around your foundation is at risk, as are the eaves of your roof.

The Difference Working with the #1 Reviewed Power Washing Company Makes

Anyone with a ladder and a bag can claim they’re capable of adequately cleaning and maintaining your gutters. Still, there are plenty of risks associated with hiring an uninsured handyman for the task. Ladder safety alone should be a major red flag, as it’s incredibly easy to be very seriously injured on a ladder. Should this occur on your property working with an uninsured handyman, you could be held liable for damages and injuries. 

Carolina Power Wash is not only the #1 reviewed power washing company in and around the Charlotte, NC area; they’re also fully insured and highly professional. Ladder safety is a primary focus of this firefighter-owned business, as is providing top-notch cleaning for your gutters and roof. Don’t take their word for it, though; here is a small sampling of the glowing reviews they’ve received from satisfied homeowners.

  • “The team came out today and did an amazing job with clearing out our gutters. It had been a while since they were cleaned, and I know it was a heck of a job to get done, but they did in a short amount of time, showing me all the before and after photos of what an excellent job they did do! Thanks so much to Carolina Power Washing. Easy to set up the estimate and the appointment! The service team was very professional and personable.” – Stephanie Isble, Facebook Reviewer
  • Carolina Power Washing services are great. I first used them to clean the driveway and gutters at my parents’ home in Lancaster. I was so impressed with their quality of work and professionalism that I requested that they come to Charlotte to power wash my house and shed. I’m so happy I found them. I was just doing a general search when I saw that the business was Firefighter Owned and operated. That sealed it for me. I love supporting our First Responders and small businesses. And needless to say, they did NOT disappoint! Love you guys, and God bless! Thank you for 2 years of great service!” – Mary Mingo, Facebook Reviewer
  • “Excellent service and great communication. We had our gutters cleaned within days of requesting a quote. The team members were very thorough and professional. We will definitely use them again!” – Susan C., Google Reviewer

Now is the time to start thinking about your gutters; Carolina Power Washing can help. Contact them to learn more about why they’re the #1 reviewed power washing company in the area and all the ways they can help protect your home from the elements.