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Well, how often do you want your home to have excellent curb appeal? In reality, a soft-wash from Carolina Power Wash will yield you about 12 months of mold, mildew, dirt and algae-free siding. For a home that impresses all year round, we recommend an annual appointment.

Common reasons customers get power washings:

  • Routine schedule to maintain curb appeal.
  • Preparing to list house to sell.
  • To meet HOA expectations.
  • A major event/ party coming up.

High pressure, or hard-wash pressure washing is actually not a benefit to your home. If not done correctly—and even sometimes when it is—a hard-wash can damage asphalt shingles, wood siding, old mortar, painted surfaces, and even the vinyl siding of your home. With our soft-wash solution, we’re able to achieve the results you want, without the damage you don’t.

We HIGHLY recommend twice a year. We know that most people budget for once a year—either right before or right after the leaves fall—but that’s actually doing your home (your biggest investment) a disservice.

Cleaning your gutters out PRIOR to the end of fall or winter allows your gutters to be 100% debris free to start FRESH for the upcoming season (and all the fallen leaves to come!) While cleaning your gutters out AFTER the season gives your gutters a clean bill of health for the REMAINDER OF THE YEAR!

Ask about our Clean Twice, Pay Less promo we run in the fall each year!

At Carolina Power Wash, we’re proud to offer top-notch full-service power washing and gutter cleaning. A few things that easily set us apart are:

  • The safety of your home and property is ALWAYS our top priority.
  • We strive for impeccable customer service from the first phone call (that we’ll actually answer) to the follow up calls post-service to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Our equipment is top of the line and expertly maintained. 
  • Our team is trained to deliver courteous, thorough, and safe service while keeping your property clean and checking for any undetected damage, rot or safety issues with your exterior home.
  • We’re a local firefighter and woman-owned company… and we employ many firefighters, too. So leave the ladder climbing to them—these guys know what they’re doing!
  • We’re the top rated exterior cleaning company in the county with over 200+ online reviews!
  • Please relocate all items around the home that you do not want to get wet (flags, planters, doormats, rugs, wreaths, kids toys, cushions, furniture, etc.)
  • Please remove vehicles from the driveway
  • If we are completing window, please make sure all window screens are taken out 
  • If we are completing patio or deck cleaning, please remove all items off the area to be cleaned, we will not relocate any items, and are not responsible for damage of any items not moved.  
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