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Can a Low-Pressure Wash Clean Your Fence?

Your fence can be more than just a barrier providing privacy from the neighbors; it can also provide added aesthetic value to your outdoor living spaces. A clean, well-kept fence goes a long way when it comes to keeping your home’s exterior looking manicured. Still, it can also make otherwise meticulously maintained spaces feel dingy and unkempt if they’re stained or discolored. There is a trick to cleaning fencing, though: low pressure wash. Washing with the right procedures and products is far safer and more effective than using a pressure washer.

Why Shouldn't You Pressure Wash a Fence with High Pressure

Pressure washers can be satisfying to watch online, but up close and personal, they can be dangerous tools with the potential to do very real and permanent property damage. They’re particularly ill-suited to fence cleaning for several reasons: 

First, a pressure washer will absolutely strip years of grime, built-up organic staining and moss from a fence. However, it will also remove the paint and a layer or two of wood. Unless you want to paint your fence after cleaning it, a pressure washer is the last thing you want to use. In addition to stripping paint from wooden fencing and protective urethane coatings from vinyl ones, pressure washers are also forceful enough to do structural damage to your fence under the wrong circumstances.

The second reason pressure washers aren’t the best choice for cleaning fencing comes down to the personal safety risks they bring to the table. Pressure washers are incredibly high-powered, capable of slicing cleanly through melons and human flesh. You’re not the only person at risk, either: even through the knotholes in a wooden fence, a pressure washer can cause serious injury. You don’t want to land in the emergency room, and you probably don’t want the same for your neighbors. At the very least, you want to avoid liability for injuring people next door.

How Low-Pressure Wash Systems Work for Exterior Surfaces

If pressure washing is the brawn of the cleaning world, power washing is the brains. Rather than attacking stains, discoloration and organic growth with a blast of devastating force, power washing is an entire system of matching stains to appropriate cleansing products and applying them appropriately, then safely rinsing them away with a gentle, low-pressure wash. The end result is a fence that sparkles like it was just built, not one stripped down to bare wood or vinyl with structural damage. 

When mixed by knowledgeable professionals, these cleansers are safe for your family, pets, and your landscaping. Everything from lichen and mildew growth to staining and discoloration due to weathering can be removed softly and gently, leaving a clean but intact space behind. 

Your outdoor spaces are valuable living areas for a significant portion of the year in South Carolina. You want to be able to enjoy them, not be distracted by a home maintenance to-do list that shifts to include “cleaning the fence” every time you go outside. Professional soft wash products penetrate the surface of wood fibers to eliminate algae, mildew and other microbial growth without destroying the top layer of any wood, vinyl or even concrete surfaces a pressure washer might touch.

Ready to boost your curb appeal and the comfort of your outdoor living spaces with no pressure? Wash your fence gently with the help of experts in exterior cleaning to restore your outdoor surfaces. The process is safe, easy on surfaces and highly effective. Carolina Power Washing can help you breathe new life into your stained, discolored fence. Contact us to learn more about how a low-pressure wash would work best for you!