Don’t Skip Pressure Washing Your Home – Here’s Why!

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Pressure washing the home can seem like a monumental task that just doesn’t have a big payoff. After all, if it’s done regularly, there may not be a huge difference in the look of the house simply because it is kept clean. However, it’s definitely not something that should be skipped or overlooked. Keeping the outside of the home can be incredibly important for numerous reasons. Before skipping the pressure washing, consider the following.

Prevent Damage to the Home

Mold, mildew, moss, and grime can build up on any exterior surface and will cause damage over time. Contaminants can end up destroying paint, causing corrosion or rust, and can even end up damaging materials beneath the siding of the home after some time. They can also build up within crevices in the home, leading to the growth of dangerous bacteria. Pressure washing regularly removes all of the contaminants from the home, keeping it clean and preventing potential damage. It also helps homeowners spot pest damage, preventing pests from causing further issues or getting inside the home. 

Save Money

Pressure washing does come at a cost, but it can help save a ton of money, too. Though it may be necessary to pay for a professional service, compare that cost to the amount of money needed to repair even minor damage on the exterior of the home or to repaint the house to cover up damaged paint. Those projects cost a whole lot more. By pressure washing the home regularly and keeping it clean, damage can be minimized, so homeowners don’t have to worry about paying for repairs or replacements. 

Save Time and Energy

 It takes a lot of time to clean a house with a sponge and bucket. Though this can help get in all the grooves and make sure the home is clean, it’s incredibly time-consuming. The ladder needs to be set up and moved, the bucket emptied and refilled, and more. Plus, the actual scrubbing takes time, especially if the dirt and grime have built up over a few years and are difficult to remove. Pressure washing is much faster, more effective, and takes a lot less energy to do. The job will be over quickly, and the house will be much cleaner in the end. 

Protect Health and Wellness

Mold, mildew, and other contaminants are going to end up creating health problems in the long run. This is especially common if black mold starts to grow on the home, pollen sports collect around the exterior, and other dangerous contaminants end up sticking to the walls. Over time, the contaminants will end up becoming much worse and can cause the growth of harmful bacteria, too. Even though it’s on the outside of the house, it can end up getting inside, too, and impacting the health of anyone living in the home. By pressure washing, all of the contaminants are removed from the exterior of the home before they can get inside or impact anyone’s health and wellness. 

Improve Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is more than just how the front yard looks. While it’s important to keep the grass mowed and the plants looking great, it’s also crucial to pressure wash the home and any other exterior services, such as driveways and walkways. Pressure washing helps to restore their look, ensuring they look clean and taken care of when anyone passes the home. Curb appeal isn’t just to impress the neighbors, though. It helps to keep the neighborhood looking good, helps to create a space that’s inviting, and helps to improve the homeowner’s thoughts and feelings about their own home and how much they love it. 

Increase Home Value

Increased curb appeal leads to an increased home value. Think about someone interested in buying the home. If they pull up and the exterior has mold, grime, and dirt on it, they’re going to assume the interior of the home hasn’t been cared for, either. They may wonder what hidden issues await them if they buy the home, and they may not even take time to see the interior. Instead, when the home is freshly pressure washed, the exterior will look much better and will encourage interested buyers to go inside and take a look. Even if there aren’t any plans to sell the home anytime soon, pressure washing helps prevent issues that will need to be fixed before the house is listed and keeps it in better shape, so when it’s time to sell, there’s a lot less to do. 

Prepare for Renovations

Renovations can help improve the look of the home inside and out. Over time, the home may start to look outdated or may need major repairs to get it back into good shape. To prepare for any exterior renovations, the home will need to be cleaned. Removing all of the dirt and grime is a crucial step when the siding needs to be refinished or repainted, when there is any new construction done, or when anything needs to be repaired. By pressure washing, the home is thoroughly cleaned and ready for any renovations to begin. 

Is This a DIY Job?

Just about anything can be a DIY job for today’s homeowners, provided they take the time to learn about what they’ll be doing. When it comes to pressure washing the exterior of the home, though, there are a few important reasons to call in professionals for help. With a low cost for the service, calling in the pros just makes sense. A few of the reasons to get help include the following. 

Avoid Damaging the Home

While pressure washing is done to clean the home, it does involve the use of high-pressure water sprayed at various surfaces and materials. This can cause damage if it’s done wrong. Too much pressure or too much time in one spot can cause paint to flake off, damage wood and similar materials, or end up causing damage to statues and other items near the exterior of the home. Professionals know how much pressure to use based on the material and how to do the job without causing damage. 

Already Have the Tools

The pros already have a pressure washer, the chemicals needed to thoroughly clean the home, a tall enough ladder to reach higher parts of the home, and everything else necessary to clean the exterior of the home. They also know how to use the tools and equipment for the biggest impact without causing damage. 

Know How to Avoid Injuries

Injuries are common with pressure washers due to the extreme amount of pressure the water is under when it comes out. Professionals understand how to use the pressure washer safely and what to do when something goes wrong to help prevent injuries. All of this keeps everyone in the home safer while the job is done. 

Pressure washing is a crucial component of home cleaning and shouldn’t be overlooked. When you need the home professionally cleaned, it’s time to call Carolina Power Washing for help. Based in Rock Hill, SC, we offer expert pressure cleaning services to help you keep the home clean and cared for on the outside, so you can more thoroughly enjoy the inside. Schedule your pressure washing today. 

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