How Do You Like to Spend Your Weekend?

Weekends are a break from the monotony of the workweek, whether you tend to spend your free time pursuing interests and hobbies or just catching up on some much-needed relaxation. No matter what you’re into, though, there’s a good chance you don’t relish the idea of spending an entire weekend on outdoor cleaning and exterior maintenance.

Even if you’re an avid DIY enthusiast who genuinely enjoys getting your hands dirty, we have a funny story we think you’ll enjoy.

Exterior Cleaning: Poor Return on Your Labor Investment to DIY

Our neighbor is the quintessential do-it-yourselfer. He does his own landscaping, repaints his home himself, works on his own car, and also power washes his own home. Well, he tries. The truth is some home maintenance tasks are so labor-intensive and time-consuming they’re simply not worth tackling on your own.

Recently we spotted him gearing up for a big power washing session over the weekend. While we were tackling our own weekend to-do lists, we saw him toiling away all day on Saturday. On Sunday evening, he had managed to complete the rear of his home and one side. He was physically spent, frustrated, and bereft of his usual DIY motivation. His wife wasn’t thrilled, either.

By Monday morning, he gave us a call. “It’s time to bring in the pros,” he said; luckily for him, his neighbors are the pros.

Doing it yourself can be emotionally and financially rewarding, but some tasks just can’t be accomplished in two days. You work hard, and you have better ways to spend the weekend than struggling with and perhaps not completing an exterior cleaning.

Benefits of Professional Home Exterior Washing

Whipping out the pressure washer might be fun, but it wreaks havoc on your home’s exterior surfaces. Brickwork, concrete, and vinyl siding can all suffer permanent damage by such significant water pressure. Soft washing is a gentler but more practical alternative, leaving your surfaces gleaming like new without telltale signs of pressure washer damage.

Our expert cleaning systems are safe, effective, and far more efficient than spending the entirety of your weekend scrubbing your house and walkways. If you’re thinking about power washing your own home to blast away the accumulated debris of warmer seasons, give us a call. We think you’ll be delighted you did.