Prepping to Paint with Power Washing

Updating your home with a fresh coat of paint can make a big difference in modernizing and improving the look of your home. Aside from adding curb appeal to your home, a new coat of paint can also protect this valuable asset. Paint provides a barrier against the elements and helps keep moisture, insects and other undesirables away from the structure of your home.

 If you have been considering a fresh coat of paint on your home, there are some steps that should be taken, before you break out the roller, to ensure your paint-job will turn out well. When paint is to be applied to a surface, repairs may need to be made to the siding or trim of your home. You’ll also want to protect areas that are not going to be painted, like sidewalks, bushes, or garden bedding. 

The most crucial aspect of preparation to paint a home is getting a clean surface. The best way to clean the exterior of your home in advance of repainting is with a professional power washing with Carolina Power Washing.  According to HGTV, pressure washing is the first and most important step in preparing an exterior surface to be painted. Stucco, brick, or vinyl siding all require a thorough cleaning to ensure the paint can be applied smoothly and evenly without chipping or lifting because of painting over debris that will loosen later. 

When it’s time to repaint your home, make sure the surface is repaired correctly to get the best results.  The professional power washing technicians at Carolina Power Washing can help you have a clean, ready to paint, surface for your home painting project.

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