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The Importance of Gutter Cleaning

Over time, dirt and debris will likely build up in your gutters. It doesn’t matter how well they are
designed, gutters are vulnerable to damage from all types of natural (and not so natural)
phenomenon. If you are not worried about gutter maintenance, you’re not protecting your
investment. Water that overflows from gutters can cause serious structural damage.
Imagine a large amount of water seeping into your internal walls. That is what can happen when you
do not maintain your gutters. Water will take the path of least resistance, which could be through
the walls that protect you from the elements. Foundations and other structures are also at risk. All
because you didn’t clean out your gutters.

Drainage Backups
If a downpipe is blocked, where do you think that water goes? In a system with connected piping,
the water eventually backs up. It will come out of your gutters or flush into another pipe. Some
drainage systems cannot handle this deluge of water. Now your pavements, basement, foundations,
and other structures in the way are in danger of corrosion.
Water is an incredibly corrosive force. Whether it is travelling fast or slow, water can cause
significant damage. Gutters should effectively guide water into a drainage system. If your gutters are
blocking the tide, water is not able to escape through the designed route. It then has no other choice
but to overflow.

Cleaning your Gutters
Having your gutters professionally cleaned is a wise investment for your home. Carolina Power
Washing can provide effective services that will keep your gutters free-flowing. Saving on the cost of
significant repairs involves including gutter cleaning in your yearly maintenance schedule.
Call our offices today if you feel blocked gutters are putting your home at risk. Reach out to Carolina
Power Washing for gutter cleaning and much more.

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