Busting the Toughest Stains on Exterior Surfaces for More Curb Appeal

While you can remove light discoloration or debris buildup with relative ease from your exterior surfaces, some stains present a bit more of a challenge. These stains require more in-depth knowledge to remove effectively. Using the wrong products or procedures can make some marks even more challenging to eliminate at the end of the day.

You want your home to have a “wow factor” that impresses visitors with incredible curb appeal. Staining, accumulated debris, or microbial growth and other eyesores can diminish your curb appeal significantly. Still, if you’re not well-versed in how these stains form and how to approach them, it’s almost always more effective and efficient to work with a professional to save your surfaces.

The Exterior Stains and Discoloration You ‘Shouldn’t Tackle on Your Own


Mud splashed onto foundations due to clogged or damaged gutters, dust and cobwebs bring down the appearance of your home, but they’re relatively easy to remove on your own.  However, other sources of aesthetic displeasure might end up being even more of a headache when it’s all said and done if you attempt to remove them yourself. These include:

  • Rust Stains – Leaky hose bibs and condensation from air conditioning units are among the most common causes of rust stains, which are notoriously difficult to remove properly. Even the most potent high-pressure cleaning machines will not remove the visible signs of rust on concrete, only damage the concrete’s surface permanently.
  • Battery Acid Stains – Resembling a rust stain in color, concrete discoloration resulting from golf cars leaking battery acid are also similarly difficult to remove. Because they’re chemical damage to the concrete itself, these stains also cannot be removed by high-pressure cleaning.
  • Fertilizer Stains – Fertilizer can leave your lawn lush and beautiful but beware of the granules that stray onto concrete surfaces. Contact with water causes the iron in fertilizer pellets to leach into concrete, causing near-permanent rust stains.

Save Your Sanity and Your Concrete from Stubborn Rust Stains

The only way to remove the visible traces of rust staining to your concrete surfaces is to treat spots with the appropriate cleaning chemicals as part of a soft washing system. We are authorized Front 9 Applicators, meaning we can quickly, safely, and effectively remove rust stains without damaging the surface of your concrete. Contact us today for a quote!