Why You Should Hire a Professional to Power Wash Your Marvin, NC Home

It’s essential to use the right tool for every job and cleaning the exterior of your home is no exception to the rule. You want a sparkling clean exterior to boost your curb appeal and improve the overall look of your home and to avoid causing permanent damage to outdoor surfaces. High-pressure cleaning systems can cause damage in various ways, so it’s always best to entrust your biggest investment to a Marvin, NC power washing professional.

How House Exterior Pressure Washing Can Cause Major Headaches

The more power, the better, right? When you’re cleaning up exterior surfaces around your property, this isn’t always the case. Pressure washing can blast away debris and organic growth, but it can also damage concrete, brickwork, roofing materials and vinyl siding. With up to 5,000 pounds per square inch of water, a pressure washer is fully capable of stripping even the paint from some surfaces. 

Fortunately, a pressure washer isn’t the only way to eliminate stains, debris, and discoloration. Using a soft washing system, an experienced contractor can leave your entire property looking as good as new without running the risk of blasting shingles off the roof. 

A Better Way to Wash a House in NC

Why risk permanent oxidation damage to vinyl siding and a voided warranty, destroyed brickwork or expensive roof repairs? 

Our soft wash system is a customized cleaning plan for your unique property, complete with the expert balancing of powerful detergents and antimicrobial products for a safe, thorough, and effective clean. Rather than aiming a pressure washer at your house and hoping for the best, we take the time to carefully and attentively clean everything from roofing to trim work, walls to sidewalks. Our low-pressure system yields high-impact results every time, bringing your most important investment to new life.