Carolina Power Washing: What Makes Us Different

When you’re hiring a service based company, you don’t usually get to know a whole lot about them apart from what’s on their about page and a few customer reviews. So we thought it would be a nice little change of pace to share a bit of who we really are with you!

Getting to know Carolina Power Washing

Something we’re pretty proud of is that we’re a woman owned and firefighter operated company. All but one of our employees are full-time firefighters. These men come in on their days off from service to help our cherished clients keep their properties in tip-top condition. Their work at the firehouse lends itself nicely to the nature of our business, and we’re proud of the way they represent our company values when out on the job.

We work around your schedule, and we respect your requests. Need to squeeze your appointment in between naptimes? No problem! (No one wakes baby!) Prefer an appointment first thing in the morning? You got it! Have a crazy work schedule that’s tough to work around? Don’t worry! We can accommodate you at a time that works best for you.

We care about you!

In fact, customer accommodation is something we take pretty seriously overall. Taking good care of our clients is and always will be our number one priority. We will always put in the time to ensure your satisfaction. You’ll never find us rushing from one job to the next simply chasing after dollar bills. We take pride in delivering quality service. And if for any reason something doesn’t look the way you expected, we want you to tell us so we can make sure to fix it!

We love getting to know our customers. Just like small businesses from simpler times, we love hearing stories about your families, getting to know your likes and dislikes, and finding out your hobbies. And nothing brings us joy like running into customers around town who feel like old friends.

We value your time and money!

If there’s a service you’re interested in but aren’t entirely sure about, let us know! We’ll actually send one of our guys out to your property to run a demo so you can make an educated decision.

We won’t ever sell you on a service you don’t actually need. We believe honesty earns loyalty, and we’d prefer your loyalty over a few extra bucks any day of the week.

We know there is a general distrust when it comes to contractors. It seems everyone has a story about getting scammed or ripped off. But we value our customers, their needs, and the quality of service we provide. And we like to think that we’re changing the contractor stereotype one satisfied customer at a time!

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