Why We Don’t Recommend Partial Cleanings

Has your HOA hounding you about the side of your house that’s growing something that looks like it belongs under the sea? If so, it probably seems logical to simply book an appointment with a power washing company for a partial cleaning. Just handle the mess and get on with your life, right?

Well, while it’s a perfectly logical thought, we actually don’t recommend partial cleanings. And the reasons why might surprise you. (Hint, it’s not because we’re looking after our bottomline.)

Why We Don’t Recommend Partial Cleanings

1. You’ll end up in an endless cycle of partial cleanings.

While only one side of your house may have visible growth, algae and mold are actually growing on all four sides of your house. When you book a soft washing appointment (not one of those high pressure blast-off-the-grime guys), the algae and mold are killed and washed off your home. Because of that, you can typically get about 2 years out of a soft wash appointment.

But if you only book a partial cleaning, that one side of your home will remain clean for about two years while the other sides may start to show visible growth in just a few months. And thus, an endless cycle begins.

2. You’ll spend more money.

Something to keep in mind is that most contractor businesses factor travel time and expenses into the cost of their appointments. So while you may pay less upfront for a partial cleaning, in the long run you’ll end up parting with more of your hard earned money.

In reality, partial cleanings don’t cost much less than full, proper appointments. So you’re really better off making the investment in a full appointment.

3. You’ll miss out on that fully-satisfied feeling.

Now, we may be biased here, but there’s a magical feeling that comes from a fresh, beautifully clean exterior.  Homeowners are often shocked at the results, unable to remember the last time their houses looked so good.

Partial cleanings are usually pretty obvious. One side of your house sparkles while the others suddenly look worse than they did initially in comparison. We promise you won’t regret springing for the full deal. And just think how beautiful your house will look after!

When a partial cleaning is (more) appropriate.

1. You’re selling your house.

2. You’re a realtor trying to move a property.

In these cases, a partial cleaning is a quick solution to a temporary (for you) problem. Unsightly mold and algae kill curb appeal. But since the property won’t be your responsibility once it sells, we totally understand not investing in a proper, full appointment. But we do hope you’ll pass our information along to the new homeowners though. 😉

3. You’re in an emergency HOA situation.

We still advise considering a proper, full appointment. But if you’re in a bind and really need to get the HOA off your back, give us a call. We do accommodate partial cleanings when necessary. And you really don’t want to mess with the HOA.

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