Dumpster Area Getting Disgusting? Spruce it Up with a Power Wash

The dumpster area is, by design, the place where grease and grime are supposed to go. However, that doesn’t mean you want the dumpster area that serves your business premises getting too disgusting. There are a number of reasons good sanitation is recommended; not least among them, keeping offensive odors at bay. 


Besides, if the dumpster area is clean, it speaks volumes about your business. Attention to detail is something customers or clients notice. All too often, businesses neglect the place where they take out the trash, and it doesn’t paint a good picture. Sprucing up the dumpster area with an occasional power wash will always show your business in the best possible light. 

Vermin Control

Do you know what most vermin and pests have in common? They love disgusting dumpster areas. Rats, cockroaches, and ants are just some of the potentially nasty critters you don’t want customers or other visitors to encounter. For restaurants especially, having a dumpster area regularly power washed is essential. 


Remember, too, vermin can carry and spread diseases. Keeping these undesirable elements of the animal and insect kingdoms away from your business premises is a public service. At Carolina Power Wash, our technicians will make sure there is no dirt, grease, or food waste left to attract unwelcome visitors to your dumpster area. 

Tailored Power Washing Solutions

Carolina Power Wash offers tailored cleaning services solutions to suit any kind of business or premises. We can handle commercial properties, HOAs, residential homes, parking lots, and sidewalks. With an individualized schedule for cleaning, your dumpster area will always benefit from that newly power-washed smell and appearance. 


To learn more about the services Carolina Power Wash has to offer in Rock Hill and surrounding areas, reach out for a free estimate today. 

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