Will Power Washing Remove Graffiti?

When you arrive at your commercial building to find the exteriors daubed in graffiti, it doesn’t start the day off on a positive note. With visitors, clients, or customers due within hours or even minutes, cleaning graffiti off may prove challenging. 


Power washing can remove graffiti. However, if the wrong pressure, cleaning mix, or techniques are used, you may end up removing more than the offensive spray paint. Chemicals may be too harsh for the surface material needing to be cleaned, whereas pumping up the pressure could cause damage from sheer force. 

What are the Risks?

Damaging the exterior of the building is the most obvious risk associated with power washing graffiti. Unless you have extensive experience with high-powered washing equipment, going it alone is probably more hassle than it’s worth. The cost and time it will take to repair the damage would far surpass that of hiring a professional power washing company. 


If you damage the property you are attempting to clean, it may complicate an insurance claim or breach the terms of your lease. Hiring a professional company such as Carolina Power Washing provides quality assurances that only the right tools and techniques will be used to remove graffiti from your commercial building. 

Power Washing can Cause Injury

The amount of pressure needed to remove graffiti may be too much for you to handle safely. Power washing tools are designed to remove heavy duty stains, dirt, grime, algae, etc. If used incorrectly, serious injuries can occur. If either you or a bystander suffers injury as a result of an accident with power washing equipment, it can have life-changing ramifications. 


If you need graffiti professionally removed from your home or commercial building, Carolina Power Washing is on hand to help. Call today for a free estimate on all of our services!

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