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Can an Exterior Cleaning of My Home Remove Rust Stains?

Have you ever had an exterior cleaning of your home done? No matter how immaculately clean and meticulously decorated the inside of your home, the exterior is still the first impression anyone who visits receives of your property. First impressions are important, which is why it’s always a good idea to mind your curb appeal. Unfortunately, the whole of nature is conspiring against you in your quest for a sparkling clean home exterior. From microbial growth to rust formation and everything in between, there’s certainly no shortage of things capable of staining and discoloring your home. 

Rust can be particularly stubborn, and not all cleaning methods are created equal. The most effective and efficient path to busting outdoor stains is to approach it with brains, not brawn. A high-powered pressure washer is certainly capable of stripping away rust stains, but that’s because they’re also capable of stripping away the surface underneath, too. Etched concrete, damaged brickwork and permanently discolored siding can all be the result of a single misguided weekend with the pressure washer. So, before you remove the concrete right along with the rust on your sidewalk, it might be a good idea to explore other options.

Why Soft Washing is More Effective Than Pressure Washing for Exterior Cleaning

There is definitely a time and place for a pressure washer’s sheer, brutal force. The problem is that time and place are rarely anywhere on your home exterior surfaces. Even rock-solid cement can be visibly worse for wear after a single tussle with the pressure washer.

Sometimes it’s better to take a gentler but far more effective approach. Soft washing relies on expert knowledge of cleansers, neutralizers and surfactants to match the type of stain to the best-suited product for the job. As a result, your exterior surfaces are left sparkling clean and wholly intact; even delicate trim work is safe with a soft washing exterior cleaning service.

Targeting Rust Stains with Quality Exterior Cleaning Methods

A tiny rust stain on the driveway here, a marred driveway over there, some rusty discoloration on the siding around water hose spigots; rust stains can pop up just about anywhere. They can even affect vinyl siding and painted surfaces, making it hard to know how to approach such a stubborn stain on a delicate surface. 

This is where knowledge-backed efforts will always triumph over literally blasting rust stains and the things they’re affecting off the face of the earth. For the occasional and quite small spot here and there, homemade cleaners containing things like white vinegar and lemon juice can help do the trick on vinyl siding. Best of all, those natural ingredients won’t leave you with disturbing oxidation due to pressure washer force, a permanent discoloration known as “clean marks” that can be almost impossible to remove. 

Commercial rust removers may be a bit more effective for larger areas of rust staining, but it’s usually best to avoid harsh industrial chemicals. No one wants to sacrifice their landscaping or a precious pet to remove rust stains, and it’s not hard to have an accident with particularly powerful cleansers. 

Concrete is a horse of a different color entirely. If rust stains have penetrated the surface of the concrete, home remedies and cleaners from the big box store just aren’t likely to do the trick. Once it’s sunk into the surface, professional exterior cleaning is the single safest and most effective option available. 

Why it Pays to Spring for Exterior Cleaning

It won’t be long until spring brings everyone back outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and breezes. Naturally, you want to get the most value out of your outdoor living spaces you can, something that’s hard to do when there are eyesores everywhere you look.

Attempting to tackle all the stains, discoloration, organic buildup and mess of winter on your own is a big job. This is especially true if you only get a chance to work at it on weekends for a few hours at a time. 

Don’t spend spring and summer fighting a war of attrition against the ugly leavings of mother nature. An experienced and professional team of exterior cleaning specialists can make quick work of even the most stubborn stains, giving you back the property of your dreams in a fraction of the time. Best of all, a fully insured professional will keep you safe from both personal injuries attempting to do the work yourself and liability in the case of an accident. 

You can rest assured your home is in good hands with Carolina Power Washing. Fireman owned and operated with firefighters on staff; they bring exterior cleaning and ladder safety expertise to the table every time. Ready to get your curb appeal up before the temperatures soar? CPW can help.