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Why You Need Gutter Debris Removal in January

It’s the beginning of a new year, and everything feels new. Everything, that is, except last year’s mess hanging around your property. After the massive leaf drop of autumn and the dormant winter months, you’re likely dealing with no small amount of gutter debris. Removal is a surefire way to restore your curb appeal ahead of the spring renewal, but the aesthetic value is only a tiny part of the equation.

Cleaning and maintaining your gutter system is actually one of the most important things you can do to protect your home. Left unattended and filled to the brim, your gutters can harbor a startling amount of wildlife, from microbes up to small rodents. With life comes activity, waste and habitat creation. Before you know it, a thriving colony of chipmunks has taken up residence in your gutters, among last year’s fallen leaves and debris. 

Unchecked, the wildlife can do damage to your property beyond being an unwanted visitor, but they’re not even the most pressing issue.

Why Gutter Debris Removal Matters

Your gutters are far above your head, and unless they’re actively overflowing, they don’t always catch your busy eye. Tacked along the edges of your roof and eaves, these unassuming gutters do the heavy lifting when it comes to preventing erosion damage at and around the foundation line of your home. 

By diverting water away from eaves and overhangs and through designated downspouts, your gutter system is also instrumental in preventing moisture incursion in attic spaces, mold growth and damage to roofing materials themselves. 

On the other hand, Clogged gutters introduce a host of potential problems. Even if you ignore the potential for foundation damage, which isn’t advised, there are other reasons it pays to invest in gutter debris removal. In extreme cases, the weight of wet organic debris can cause your gutters to detach from the fascia altogether.

Clogged gutters also mean standing water, the ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes and other disease-causing pests. Clogged downspouts are an even more popular hangout for pests that can sometimes drown in the water, making it down the pipe but held inside by a clog below. All around messy business, and it has the potential to damage one of your biggest and most important investments: your home.

The Most Effective Gutter Debris Removal Solution

It can be tempting to tackle this job on your own because it seems relatively straightforward at first blush. Climb a latter, clear the gutters, done. In truth, an effective gutter debris removal session is a bit more involved.

Ideally, a team of at least two adults should be prepared to work together, one to hold the ladder and one to climb it. Once the climber has mounted the ladder, though, the hard work begins. Scooping sodden, smelly debris into a garbage bag is clumsy to work, and it’s easy to end up hurt in the process. 

Still, the difficulty of pulling it all out by hand doesn’t justify using a pressure washer. In fact, this is one of those jobs a pressure washer can easily make worse, more expensive, and more stressful.

Once the gutters themselves are cleaned, then it’s time to focus on downspouts. These unsung heroes of your gutter system do the final work of redirecting water away from potentially sensitive areas, and they should be treated carefully to ensure they stay in good condition. 

Doing it on your own over the weekend may seem like your best bet, but it’s likely to take far longer to complete than you anticipate. Before assuming the job, it’s also a good idea to weigh how much work you could afford to miss due to falling from the roof in a gutter debris removal accident. 

Carolina Power Washing brings not only an expert level set of skills to the table for exterior cleaning; they’re also experts in ladder safety. As a firefighter-owned company, you can rest assured Carolina Power Washing takes your home, your safety and your property value seriously. 

Ready to shake off the winter funk in your gutters to make way for spring? Carolina Power Washing is always here to help!