Front (and back!) Porch Maintenance Package

The traditional summer afternoon thunderstorm is rolling in. You’ve poured your glass of sweet tea, and you head to the front porch to watch the world go by. But your porch swing has a film of filth on it, and it just doesn’t seem all that inviting. You take a good look around and realize oh, man, the porch could use a little love.

Here in the South, where we take our front porch sittin’ pretty seriously, it’s important to keep that baby looking as nice as possible. First impressions are everything, and trust us–your guests definitely look around while they’re waiting for you to answer your doorbell.

Yearly Porch Maintenance

While your house can stretch a good two years out of a thorough power washing, your porch could use some yearly attention. As the welcoming platform of your home, you’ll want to make sure it’s well maintained.

Throughout the year, your porch collects spiderwebs, pollen, dirt, and filth. These things can go regularly unnoticed by the residents because unless they make a habit out of front porch sittin’, they’re rarely on the front porch.

We can guess that you probably want to avoid that embarrassing moment when you go to welcome your guests inside only to notice that your front porch is filthy.

For that reason, we offer a stand-alone front porch package. Enjoy your front porch bug and spiderweb free without having to commit to a whole-house power washing appointment.

Front and Back Porch Packages Available

With our porch package, you can expect for the entirety of your porch to be cleaned using our soft wash technology. This includes your porch floor, ceiling, railings, columns, the exterior windows on the porch, and the steps.

And what’s the point of having a sparkling clean porch with filthy furniture? Our porch packages include cleaning your outdoor furniture as well!

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