Carolina Power Washing: Do We Work in Inclement Weather?

Well, you have a power wash appointment coming up, but the weather forecast doesn’t look very promising. Understandably so, you might be wondering what happens in the case of inclement weather. In fact, that’s one of the top questions we get weekly.

Since we’re an outdoor service company, we have policies in place for every type of weather.

Do we work in inclement weather?

We’ve laid out our policies concerning the various weather conditions for you. If it seems like the weather isn’t going to cooperate with your upcoming appointment, you can find the answer below if we’re able to get the job done.

Thunder and lightening

The short answer here is no, we don’t work in thunder and lightening. Frankly, it’s just unsafe. Protecting our team is high on our list of priorities, so we just don’t take the risk.

Light Rain

It might be unpleasant, but we can handle it. You can count on us to get the job done in drizzling or light rain.

Heavy Rain

This one totally depends on what service you’ve booked. We’re able to complete a concrete washing appointment in heavy rain. But we’ll reschedule if you’re booked for a house wash, gutter cleaning, or roof cleaning.

Those particular services use a detergent that has to dwell before we rinse it off in order to get the best results. So with heavy rain, the solution gets washed away before it’s had a chance to work its magic.

Snow, sleet, freezing temperatures

Now we don’t experience much of the frozen stuff down here in the South, but it does pop up every so often. In the case of those frozen little droplets, we work as long as the temperature is above 32 degrees.

What happens if the weather gets bad when you’re already out on the job?

Good question! This situation has definitely come up a time or two. In the case that inclement weather rolls in once we’ve already started a job, the crew leader to make a judgment call.

In some circumstances, the crew is able to wait out the storm and resume work relatively quickly. However, sometimes that’s just unrealistic. In that case, we make it our highest priority to return as soon as possible to complete the job.

If you’ve noticed your property can use a little tender love and care, get your free estimate today!