gutter cleaning

Gutter cleaning & polishing helps maintain your curb appeal

Is gutter cleaning a priority for your home? By the time visitors and guests make it to your front door, their first impressions of your home have already been set. But, of course, their very first impression is the condition of the exterior spaces of your property, which is why curb appeal is so important. So, whether you’re prepping for the market or just want to make sure your home is always putting its best face forward, gutter cleaning and polishing can be a real game-changer.

What is Gutter Cleaning and Polishing, and Why Does it Matter?

You already know your gutters play an instrumental role in protecting the whole of your home from water damage. By diverting moisture through designated downspouts, they literally protect your home from roof to foundation.

Cleaning them is a necessary but nasty job, one which can be fraught with risks to your property and your person if you’re not experienced in the task. Ideally, all gutter cleaning adventures include at least two people: one to climb a ladder and one to hold it from the ground. Even with the added ladder stability, though, stuffing huge plastic bags full of sodden, half-decomposed and often smelly debris is a risk in and of itself. The fuller the bag, the heavier, and the heavier your bag, the more your balance is affected. 

Chucking debris out of the gutters directly on the ground below can help mitigate the falling risk but still leaves you with just as big an eyesore on your property. Once the gutters are cleared, it’s equally important to pay attention to all the downspouts. Rodents love to build nests in them, effectively blocking them completely and drowning the wildlife within. In addition, clogged downspouts mean your gutter system can’t function at full capacity, so it’s vital they’re also cleaned.

Stop before you pick up that pressure washer, though! While these fairly expensive and wildly powerful tools can be intoxicating, they can also be enormously damaging. Pressure washers are capable of slicing through pumpkins in a single pass and can do tremendous damage to your body at high pressure. They’re dangerous to use recklessly for any job, but they’re downright dangerous for use in a gutter cleaning capacity. 

The same force capable of decimating large produce, skin and sinew has the power to rip your gutters from the eaves completely. The goal is clean gutters, not damaged and compromised ones. The same is true for downspouts; send a high-power jet of brute force up or down a downspout, and there’s potential to blast it apart at every join. At the end of a pressure washing session, you’re sure to find less debris and discoloration, bringing down the aesthetic value of your home’s exterior. Unfortunately, you may remove the finish right along with that discoloration.

Why Soft Washing is a Better Gutter Cleaning Solution

Sometimes you need sheer brawn, and sometimes you need to rely on experience and know-how. For example, just about anyone can wield a pressure washer to destroy stains and the surface upon which they lie; it takes an expert to carefully and effectively clean and polish gutters. 

The soft washing process is better for your gutters and home since there’s no chance of a high-powered water beam chewing through delicate trim work or architectural elements. Your gutters are left clean and sparkling like brand new, not denuded of finish and overall worse for the wear.

Ready to reclaim your gutters, boost your curb appeal and start off the outdoors season properly? Carolina Power Washing is here to help. Firefighter-owned and operated with firefighters on staff, safety and attention to detail are what they do best.