Halloween Preparations; Cobwebs Not Included

Halloween is just around the corner. And if you have little ones in your house, chances are you’re reminded of that fact every few minutes. Like with anything, just a little preparation can make all the difference in how the evening goes. Here are some quick tips to help you prepare for a fun, happy, and safe Halloween!

Prepare your home for trick or treaters

  • Line the pathway with lights. Target has several festive options!
  • Make sure your front steps are clear and stable. Fix or mark broken bricks, stabilize wobbly wooden stairs, and blow leaves to avoid a slip hazard.
  • Clear the driveway; blow off leaves and clean up fallen limbs and sticks to remove any trip hazards.
  • Properly light your front door. Change light bulbs and consider stringing up some Halloween themed lights.
  • Make your front porch inviting and safe. Clear cobwebs and spiderwebs. Our front porch package is a great way to prepare.

Safe trick or treating tips for children

  • Have your child wear a glow stick necklace to spot them easily in the dark.
  • Costumes should fit properly. Keep dresses, robes and capes to ankle length to avoid tripping! Bright colored costumes are ideal for safety.
  • Children should wear comfortable shoes. Tennis shoes are the best option. It may be tempting to stay in character with plastic dress up high heels, but we’d recommend steering clear.
  • Tag the little ones with contact information for Mom and Dad. Write your phone numbers on your child’s ankle just under their socks so they can make their way back to you in case they get separated.
  • This one’s a no-brainer, but make sure to carry flashlights.
  • Use flexible props. Swords, staffs, and magic wands should be flexible.
  • Skip the masks. They can obstruct your child’s vision. Opt for kid-friendly, toxic-free makeup instead.

Have a fun and safe holiday! Happy Halloween!

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