Who to Hire? Specialty Contractor vs. Property Maintenance Service Provider

So your property needs some work done. Whether your house could use a good power washing or your yard needs some attention, you have a decision to make. Let us guess, when you hit the good old Google machine to run a quick search on possible companies, you were overwhelmed with results. How are you ever supposed to decide?

First, determine if they’re a specialty contractor or a property maintenance service provider.

A property maintenance service provider typically offers an array of services. Their service menu may range from projects like lawn care and window washing to carpet cleaning and housekeeping. The options seem endless.

A specialty contractor, however, will likely have a more limited service menu since they focus in on their expertise.

So, who do you choose?

Why You Should Hire the Specialty Contractor

They’re the Experts.

A property maintenance company is likely a jack of all trades, master of none. You want the experts working on your home, right? A specialty contractor has found their sweet spot, narrowing in on the services they’re the best at. They’ve mastered their skillset.

Better yet, the specialty contractor actually sends the experts to your home. A property maintenance company typically acts as the middleman to whomever they subcontract the service out to.

They know their trade well.

It’s not uncommon for issues to pop up throughout a service appointment. But specialty contractors know their trade so well that they’re familiar with these issues and can resolve them quickly and efficiently. They’re rarely caught off guard, which saves on time and money.

Specialty contractors also take the time to educate themselves in their trade. It behooves them to be constantly learning about new technologies and approaches.

They provide better results.

Because the specialty contractor knows their trade so well, they provide better results. They know the best techniques and what works in special circumstances. Since this is their trade, they take special pride in providing the best service they can. A job well done is their calling card.

They offer competitive pricing.

We’ve all heard that time is money, right? Well, knowledge and expertise are power, and in this case, these superpowers save you money (and time). Specialty contractors can offer you competitive pricing because they are efficient. They don’t have to factor wasted time on the job site into their pricing. They show up, get the job done well, and move on.

And as we mentioned earlier, a property maintenance service provider often subcontracts out their jobs, so their pricing is typically higher so they can remain profitable while paying out the subcontractor’s fee. Ditch the middleman (and the extra fees) by hiring a specialty contractor!

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