Why This is the Perfect Time to Clean Your Solar Panels

Clean, sustainable power that pays for itself; what’s not to love about solar energy? Generating your own power means you’re no longer dependent upon an aging power grid, either. When you consider that households in the United States spend more minutes per year dealing with power outages than any other developed nation, solar panels look even better. 

While they’re well worth the investment for most homeowners, they can’t operate at peak efficiency without a bit of maintenance. One of the most critical maintenance tasks is cleaning. Dust and debris, bird waste and other organic matter can interfere with a solar array’s ability to absorb sunlight.

Preparing for Shorter Days and Longer Nights

According to data collected by Google scientists at their dedicated California power farm, “the number one way to maximize the energy they produce” is to ensure solar panels are sufficiently clean. Rainwater, they determined, was not sufficient to boost power output. However, skilled cleaning by knowledgeable professionals yielded an average of roughly 12% more than panels cleaned by rainfall alone. 

As the nights begin to get longer, that means fewer daylight hours. You’re going to want to make sure you’re able to absorb as much energy as possible through the winter season, and thorough cleaning is one way to help. 

How-To: Cleaning Solar Panels in Charlotte, NC

Your solar system will pay for itself over its lifetime, but only if it’s cared for properly. Cleaning the panels yourself may seem like a quick and easy way to save money, but there are a few reasons why you might want to think twice before you grab your cleaning supplies. 

While solar panels are designed to withstand constant exposure to the elements, it can be relatively easy to damage them during the cleaning process. From damaging films left behind by the wrong chemical cleansers to physical damage from high-pressure cleaning methods, solar panels often are damaged during cleaning.

At Carolina Power Wash, we understand the unique cleaning requirements of solar panels. Our soft-washing system doesn’t rely on a pressure washer’s brute force, just the right products and meticulous attention. It’s time to get your solar panels ready for winter; we can help!