Most Wonderful Time of Year to Power Wash Storefronts

Winter has officially begun, and you have a dirty store front. Your brick and mortar store competes with other stores as well as online shopping. Is it too late to freshen the look of your store front just because it’s December or can you start the new year with a clean slate?

Why Pressure Wash Your Store Front in the Winter?

Holiday and after-Christmas bargain shoppers still deserve a nice experience, and a clean store looks much better than a dirty store. The bad news for many people in the country is that it is too late to pressure wash your storefront once temperatures go below freezing. But here are some encouraging facts about pressure washing your commercial space in winter:

  • Good News for Southerners – If your business is within the Carolina Power Washing service range, then rejoice! This means you enjoy the warmer winter climate of the south that many northerners wish they had. Temperatures in our neck of the country often settle well into the 40-60 degree range during daytime all through the winter. There’s plenty of opportunity to schedule a power wash for your storefront exterior. We’ll work with you to cooperate with your schedule and the weather to get it done whenever you need.

  • Bad Weather Means Dirty Exteriors – With wind, rain and snow come dirt, mud and debris. Not only is it unsightly, but it can be dangerous to have dirty sidewalks which can freeze overnight with chunks of mud and other debris. These sidewalks are hazardous for walking in front of your business for both workers and customers. Also, excess dirt and mud can be tracked into your store making a mess you’ll probably have to cleanup. Pressure washing the sidewalk can eliminate this issue, so you have safe and clean walkways for your customers.

  • Gutter and Crevice Dirt Spreads – If you don’t remove the debris that accumulates in your eaves, signage, wall crevices and spaces around doors and window trims, dirt can trickle down onto exterior walls and windows.

  • Materials for Storefronts — Even on those days that might get a little colder, storefronts are safer to have pressure washed than residential building materials. Vinyl siding should never be pressure washed when cold and brittle because the siding could be easily damaged. Store fronts, however, are typically built out of concrete, brick, steel and other metals which can handle being pressure washed during the colder season. 

We at Carolina Power Washing understand that you don’t always have time to take care of your exterior before the holidays. We also understand that weather and busier foot traffic during December can wreak havoc on your exterior, leaving it in desperate need of a cleaning long before spring. Give us a call to start thinking about when to schedule your next cold-weather spruce-up and start the new year with a clean slate.

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